Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday's Stuff

Today has been a pretty productive day for me. I was able to get a ton of cleaning and organizing done this morning while Philip was at work. He came home for few short hours in the middle of the day, to see the kids before their naps, get some rest himself, and then play with them a little when they got up, before heading back in to work. He totally feels like he's living there these days.. =0/

The kids playing together yesterday

The exciting news of the day... Moriah decided to start walking while Philip was home! I was sooo happy that she did it while he was here, it was so awesome! She is very proud of herself. =) It will be a few days before she actually takes off with it, but she has taken four or five steps at a time, multiple times today. Woohoo!

Both of the kids have fevers again. Bummer. We went through the Burger King drive thru for dinner (Keenan couldn't have been happier). I was pretty happy too, to get my hands on some Coke, and a slice of their Hershey's Sundae frozen pie! (It's Amazing! I may wish I had never found this out...)

After supper, we got out the bubbles and played with them for a while. Both of the kids Love them! I also discovered that Moriah's ball popper toy (with no balls in it), makes a great bubble blower! If I hold the wand over the air blowing out, it shoots a bunch of bubbles straight up in the air! =)

Keenan liked catching them on his belly =)

Looking pretty serious here

Next, I decided to trace the kid's footprints to make a fun craft. I did Keenan's first and hadn't anticipated how ticklish it would be! He had a very hard time staying still and I had to do some "fixing" on it when it was done. After that, I knew there was No way I would get Moriah to hold still, so I got her foot a little bit wet, stamped it onto the paper, and then quickly traced around the print before it dried. I then traced their feet onto some scrapbook papers and cut them out of all different designs. I finished Moriah's in the bathroom while she was in the bath. (Speaking of the bath, I've realized she can no longer have any toys in there with her that can be used to dump water. Yesterday she dumped a half gallon bucket Full of water all over the floor and then Keenan came running in and slipped and fell!)

I was going to make flower designs out of the footprints, but decided to do something different instead...

I put Keenan's up the wall by his door
(I think I'll make a new one each year, as his foot grows, and then do something with the different sizes)

I put Moriah's tiny feet above her name in her room
(I'm not in love with this - I think I should have used all different papers, instead of just two designs) Maybe I'll still make a flower...

That's it for my day, hopefully Philip will be home soon...


Jessica said...

I hope Phil is home soon too! I feel so badly for both of you guys and the kids. Praying for some relief in this hectic schedule!!! Tell Phil thanks for calling me today. :) Love you guys!!

denise said...

I hope everyone gets better fast!!! It stinks feeling like a single parent. You are so creative :)

Mom W. said...

Cool idea Joia to do the feet and I like Moriah's in the two kinds!! Go Moriah! Now she will be into Everything. No more baby, you now have two toddlers!!!

Flakymn said...

Walking! Woo-hoo!

Mom E said...

so creative with the footprints Joia. And I thought Moriah's were awesome. Very creative.

And hey, how 'bout that walking alone, eh? Can't believe how fast she's growing up! Give them hugs and kisses for me. Love,Mom