Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Sum Up

After helping Philip with some work on our roof, Dad hit the road mid-morning, on his way back to Merritt Island. It will only be six weeks until we see him in KENYA!! Woohoo!

I stopped by to see Myrtle this morning to see how she was doing. We chatted for quite a while, and she seems to be holding up very well. What a strong woman of God she is! I am humbled and amazed by her... Please continue to pray for her family. Her brother's funeral will be on Monday. His name is Frankie. Myrtle was dating Frank when the twins were born, and her mom let her name the baby boy Frank Ray. I'm sure that makes it even harder that he died on the same date that her husband, Frank died last year.

This afternoon we got to watch Isaac and Elijah while John and Wendi went to a movie. What good and sweet boys they are!

Amazingly, (for an overlap of 45 minutes), all four kids were napping at the same time! =)

Isaac had a great time pushing the big fire truck around!

...and had to share it with Elijah =)

Playing with the magnets on the dishwasher

I just happened to notice what a great silhouette the light coming in the door made, so I grabbed the camera, had Philip play peek a boo with the boys at the door, and asked Isaac to hold Elijah's hand! How cute are they??

Handsome boys

Keenan thought we should wear these stylish star glasses this evening...

I think they suit us just fine!

I have recently become a huge fan of... Bisquick! I didn't grow up using it, and had never bought it myself. When we ran out of my favorite pancake mix last week, Philip brought home a box of Bisquick... which I was delighted to discover could be made into a Ton of different things! (At this point everyone else goes, Duh!) Oh well.. better late than never - I love making (very yummy) biscuits using only two ingredients And not having to roll them out. It also makes a great coating for fried chicken - yum! Still need to try it for pancakes (I was going to this morning, but realized we didn't have any eggs).

Well, that's the latest and greatest in my life... tata!


Flakymn said...

Oh Joia!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! (The sillhoute pic, all the pics!!!)

auntmary said...

I am always so touched by your sensitivity and pure heart you have to those in need, esp Myrtle. She is one very blessed lady to have you & your family in her life. Your MK heart overflows with tenderness. Brings me to tears. I'm keeping Philip, you, Keenan & Moriah & of course Dan covered in prayer for your Kenyan trip. Luv U

grriffins said...

Joia, you can use Bisquick for a Zucchini Pie recipe if you like Zuc's. It's super yummy. let me know and I can get you the recipe!

Mom E said...

just found out today that Publix sells a Bisquick baking book w/ tons of yummy recipes. :-)