Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moriah Takes a Stand, etc..

First a couple pictures from yesterday afternoon...

Moriah Loves to walk with this toy!

It was very entertaining watching her play with her ball popper toy... she was soo intent on grabbing the balls when they came up, but would jump every time they popped into the air! =)

She was very sweet and loving to Keenan when he woke up. It's so sweet to see how much she adores him...


Sweet blue eyed boy

Face off with "the five little monkeys" (who jumped on the bed)

This morning I had a MOPS Steering meeting. It was great - and I'm Really excited about what the coming months in this semester hold! It's going to be a Great year!!

Moriah was asleep when I picked her up at the nursery and stayed that way for the drive home, so (since the weather had warmed up a bit), we headed to the park for Keenan to run off some energy before lunch and naps.

On the move!

Love this one coming down the slide!

We have quite a few pacifiers in our house. At least six. Sometimes I can't find even one. How does this happen? Well, the older Moriah gets, the farther and wider she travels and leaves them. After an extensive search this afternoon, I located one under the computer desk, then spied one here...

What doesn't belong? =)
(As I went in after this one, I found another one in the very Top!)

Big News! Tonight Moriah discovered "unassisted standing"! It was soo cute! She was so proud of herself that she kept doing it and would put her hands over her head, like Hurray, or would clap for herself, and then fall down. =)

(She also Loves beads now and has been wearing at least one strand all day!)

Woohoo, Riah!

Proud Daddy watching =)


Flakymn said...

I have a pacifier of Moriah's at my house I Just found!

Mom E said...

Loved the ball popper toy photos and how funny that the pacifier was in there! Go Moriah in standing alone. And I'm very surprised there was no caption beneath the photo of Moriah looking at Keenan (after he woke up). I could "hear" something like, "now son, I'm glad you took a nap but I sure missed you while you were sleeping". I'm not near as good as you at the captioning, but thought it was such a cute pic. Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

Good job Moriah!!! LOL pacifiers!!