Friday, January 29, 2010

Missing Philip

We miss Philip. It has been a long week, of only seeing him for an hour or two in the evenings! When he got home this evening (a lot earlier, around 6:45), it was the first time he had seen Moriah since Tuesday night! =0/

It's good to have him home for the weekend, but he'll still have to go in to work quite a bit too.

Jodi stopped by this afternoon (I told her it was soo nice to talk to another adult human being, since the only ones this week have been Philip and Myrtle!) She brought us lasagna and salad for supper! Woohoo!

She had her dog, Jackson, and Rob and Sarah's dog, Scuffy with her too. The kids loved it when she got them out to play in the driveway for a while! =)

Not too much else to say... there's a huge storm going on outside right now. Thunderstorms make for good sleeping, I think. =)

Oh, I did want to mention - Moriah made her first solo phone call today! She and I were in her room, while I was rearranging some stuff, and she was playing with the phone. (I don't normally let the kids do this, but it was keeping her very well entertained). My cell phone rang in the kitchen, and when I said hello, Philip said, "Is one of the kids playing with the phone?" I said, "Oh my goodness, did Moriah just call you??" He said, "Ya, all I heard was scratching and bumping, and then when I hung up and tried the home phone and couldn't get through, I figured that was what happened." =) LOL! Oops!


Brittny said...

Did I ever tell you about the time that Sophie called 911? Yup, playing with the house phone while Brandon and I are talking in the same room as her. I'd pick up the phone every now and then and clear the numbers and suddenly realized the first 3 numbers were 911 and I'd just hit the call and hang up button to clear it! They had to come out b/c it's routine and the guy just laughed when he saw who'd done it!

denise said...

awe, she missed Daddy! :) How funny.

Mom W. said...

Moriah will hear this story again... = )

Mom E said...

and again, and again, and again..... lol. Isaac called 911 too when he was little. And it was his last time too. ;-)