Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kid Fun

Here are some fun pictures of the kids from yesterday and today. It's a pretty busy weekend for us. Philip worked at the clinic for half a day today, and in an hour, I'm headed out to a baby shower. Immediately upon my return, he is headed in to the hospital to induce one of his patients (who is already 13 days overdue!) He will likely be gone all night, and who knows about tomorrow... I think I'll try and take the kids to church myself.

Last night, we got Moriah to climb through Keenan's tunnel for the first time! She loved it!


The "blob" on the right, is Keenan's face, peeking through the mesh at Moriah =)

He fills this tunnel up more now than...

..when he first went through it at a year old! =)

Keenan wearing Philip's boots this morning =)

I decided to try out a different spot in the house with lots of natural light this morning for some pictures. I was also dying to get Moriah into the tutu I bought her a couple days ago... =)

Pretty girl

Winter's rosy cheeks!

Getting close to naptime...

Fun blocks

...then a dashing young prince came along and built her a beautiful castle! =)


Mom W. said...

Awwww.... fun pictures... so cute!!!

I think that girl will start walking soon.

Kendra said...

GREAT pictures! I love the natural light and that tutu is adorable on your sweet girl!

Mom E said...

Oh my world, Joia. Are you aware of how much money you could make with the kind of photos you do with these kids? You are a natural and they always look so professional. Waaaay better than the Wal-Mart type photos or other such places.
I realize you have Amazing subjects with which to work, however! :-)
Love, Mom