Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's been an amazingly peaceful day.

Keenan and I spent some super fun playtime during Moriah's morning nap, then we loaded up and went to Target. We stopped at Sonic for a drink on the way home, then lunch and naps for the kids. I got a lot done during their naps, and then Moriah and I played until Keenan woke up.

Hoping to have a family movie night (all but Moriah) tonight if Philip is home at a decent time. =)

Some fun pics from yesterday:

Moriah found Keenan hiding in the pots and pans cupboard =)

I know, I know.. but I just can't get over how precious he is.. especially with those rosy cheeks

Dressed warmly today!

Every time we go to Target, Keenan tries to "roll" this huge concrete ball, so today I just had to get a picture! =)

Keenan funny:

On our drive home from Target today, I was just humming to myself and then..
(Keenan) "What are you singing, Mama?"
(Me) "Oh, just a made up song."
(Keenan) "Oh, you made it up... that's cool!"
(Me) "Thank you, Keenan!"
(Keenan) "You're welcome! Keep up the big work!"
(Me, Laughing hysterically) "You're a really sweet boy, you know that?"
(Keenan, smiling) "Ya, I am.. sometimes." Then points at me, "You Go! Keep up the big work!"


Jessica said...

oh my gosh, the conversation with Keenan is adorable! How sweet. :) Keep up the big work! LOL! So, every time we go to Target Reagan runs at those balls and jumps on them and hugs them! Every single one of them. Every time without fail. :) Love, Jessica

Mom W. said...

They look like they should roll.

Catching up with your blog after 2 days!! That is when you know you have been having computer trouble... = )

All so cute!!

Mom E said...

very funny Keenan quotes. I agree. You keep up the big work! ;-)