Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'll Take Rain for a Change...

... instead of frigid temperatures that is! It's been raining most of the day, but has been pleasantly mild, so I'm thankful! =)

We spent the day mostly at home, inside, just hanging out with each other. Philip is working diligently on the second blog book, Moriah is on the move Everywhere with her push toy, and Keenan is endlessly energetic and wants to be "chased" all day long =)

My mom made this adorable dress for Moriah for Christmas. Even though it's sort of dressy for every day wear, I decided I'd better start having her wear it, before she outgrows it! I love it!

It's kind of "poofy" because she had her tutu on underneath it

Too cute

This afternoon I decided to make chili for supper and asked Myrtle to join us. It ended up being what I call, "Weekend-Throw-It-All-In" chili. I used up almost all of the random bits of stuff I had left in the fridge from the previous week.

Our unique, but very tasty (and perfect for a rainy day) chili

After the kids naps, we had planned to go to the library, but discovered it's closed on the weekend. Instead, we dropped off our library books and headed to Sonic for some liquid joy. =) We tried "Vanilla Root Beer" for the first time, and it was quite good!
On the way home, we took the "scenic route" along the water to look at the pretty houses.

Around 5:30, Myrtle came over (with some of her sweet tea in hand) and we had a fun and chatty dinner together. She and I sat and talked while Philip cleaned up the kitchen and then she stayed for a while and played with the kids. What a sweet friend!

Playing Keenan's fishing game with him =)

Reading books

The kids and I just before baths
(Excuse my very relaxed Saturday attire)

Inside joke: If anyone from MOPS is reading this - Yes, I Did shower today! =0)

Hope y'all have a great rest of your long weekend!


The Mac's House said...

What a great little dress. Ready for Valentines Day!

Mom E said...

Love the poof! Great job, Judy! The pic of the chili was adorable too w/ all the ingredients listed around it. Again, very creative... Give a hug to Myrtle for me when you see her again. Love, Mom