Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love MOPS

The Girls Night Out last night was super fun! We had lots of good laughs, good food, and totally enjoyed some "girl time"! Unfortunately, the setting on my camera was totally wrong, so these pictures are sort of washed out... =0/

One end of the table..

...and the other

I was there too! =)
(Tiff and I hadn't seen each other in ages!)

Today was the first MOPS of 2010 and was a fantastic meeting! It was great to see everyone again, catch up and of course, eat lots of good food. We had a kick boxing instructor come talk to us and then we actually Did some kick boxing for 10 or 15 minutes, and it was Really fun! (I may not be able to walk tomorrow though!) I may steal some pictures from that and post them (if I don't look too stupid!)

The coordinators had read my post on "Simplicity" and really liked it and asked if I would share it and my thoughts with the group today. I did, and for some reason, ended up pretty nervous, but I think it went okay. =)

I can't say enough about how Awesome our MOPS group is. MOPS Thursdays (at least the first half of the day), are generally pretty hectic around here, rushing out the door early to get there to set up, and then putting stuff away after, but... it is soo worth it! I just Love the connections we make and friendships that are formed, simply by sitting around a table with five or six other moms, who go through the same stuff on a day to day basis! Definitely a blessing in my life. =)

After lunch and naps, we headed out for some fresh air at the park. Here are some cute pictures Keenan let me snap before he ran off to play...

"Look mom, do you see the fish?"

He didn't mind the cold at all and had a blast, running around with several other kids that were there.. =)

He looks Huge here!

Little Michigan girl watching

...and laughing


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have so many awesome friends there Joia! Especially when both your families are so far away, I'm sure it makes a world of difference to have such a great group of ladies to support you.

I'm glad Keenan's not afraid of the cold. He's a good little Canadian! And although Mark didn't comment on the PB and honey, he was impressed. Maybe we'll get you to bring some up next time you come. Or we could visit and get our own...

Anyway, just wanted to say I love you and have a great weekend!


Mom W. said...

Peter Pan has learned what is good, does it taste the same as self mixed?

Keenan is cute with the teddy!!

Yeah I am up late, can't sleep!

Hey you should make the beef vegetable soup, you know Philip likes it!!

Vanessa S said...

Joia, you had a great message at the meeting and I'm so thankful you were willing to share it. At one point when you were talking, I had to nudge/smile at Jen, because you were saying EXACTLY what I had told her in a coversation the night before! It's so nice to relate to others and our MOPS group is the perfect opportunity to do so. I'm glad others feel the way I do about our group. Btw, your centerpieces were perfect too!
Thanks for your hard work this meeting!