Friday, January 22, 2010

Glorious Day

* Before talking about the beautiful weather and fun with the kids, I have some somber news... You all know how special Myrtle is to us. Today is the first anniversary of the death of her husband, Frank. On top of that, Myrtle lost a brother today. Please pray for her family, but especially for Myrtle as she is now grieving the loss of two loved ones on the same day*

The weather today has been absolutely perfect. Wendi called and asked if we wanted to meet up at the Children's Park and I jumped at the chance! It was sooo nice to be outside with the kids, without coats on!

We hadn't been to this park in quite a while, and Moriah had never been out of the stroller here.. but today she "ruled the park"! It was so fun watching her actually be able to enjoy doing things on her own!

She did make me nervous a few times though... she thought it was great fun trying to climb Up the slides, and one time she stood up on the slide and put her hands up in the air! Aahh! Little stinker.. =)

Very proud of herself for climbing up on her own

Ta da!

Peek a boo!

Standing at the top of the slide? Not your best idea...

One going up, one coming down..

Guess who had to move?

Keenan loved this bouncy pole

... he wanted me to try it too =)

Helping him operate the digger toy

Moriah got a little bit wet on one of the play structures =)

Come on up!

Funny look

We made a very brief visit to the library after everyone was done playing. The boys loved the huge fish tank...

I love this one of Keenan and Isaac

We came home, had lunch and then headed back outside to play in the driveway while we waited for Papa to get back.

First time playing in the sandbox this year!

Random picture of the pretty berries in our yard

This girl is on the move!

The sun was so bright, but her eyes were so pretty!

Moriah was happy to see Papa when he got back

Keenan loved playing in the back of the car!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful niece and nephew I have! Looks like it was a fun, happy day:) Enjoy the good weather! Love you all!
Auntie Bekah

Mom E said...

I like the pic where Moriah was just sitting on the end of the slide with one handing resting on her knee. It was so cute!