Friday, January 8, 2010

Exciting Stuff!

Yesterday we received a long awaited package in the mail... Volume 1 of "Our Daily Post from the Emerald Coast" in book form! Woohoo!

Philip did a Great job with the cover design, the layouts...everything, and it's fabulous! All 240 pages of it! =) It's a beautiful 8X10 hardcover book with a dust jacket.

Front Cover

Back Cover


It's soo fun to read back through and remember things that we did, places we went, and funny things that happened that we'd forgotten about! =)

It's another chilly day on the Emerald Coast, and I decided that with all the hard wood and tile in our house, it was time for the kids and I to get some slippers!

Our purchases of the day
(Now that we have them, the weather will probably turn warm, but that's just fine with me!)


Wegner Family said...

Did you use or another site? Your book turned out great. I printed one from blog2print and got the soft cover...I had no idea that you could do a cover that ellaborate! Please tell me your secret!

Joia said...

No, Philip used for our book. He ended up doing the layouts page by page, instead of just leaving it as they had it, since it would have put all the pictures down the right side of the page in a row (and tiny), and we didn't like that.

Mom W. said...

Woohoo, can't wait to see/read it!!! Good job Philip!!!

Jessica said...

That is so awesome. Go Phil! How sweet of you to do that for Joia. That is a ton of work. I wonder how many volumes there will this rate, there could be thousands!!!

Joia's m-i-l said...

Love that book. Way to go Philip and Joia.