Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It's been a pretty full day today.

This morning, we had a family appointment at 9 to speak with a doctor in the Infectious Disease department about some details for our Kenya trip. Malaria meds, immunizations, safe drinking water, etc.. It went well, but both kids were about ready to bust out of that tiny exam room by the time we were finished! =)

Next the kids and I picked up some groceries and headed over to Wendi's house for the first wifia gathering of 2010! Tiff and her kids weren't there today, but everyone else showed up and it was sooo good to get caught up with everyone, since many of us hadn't seen each other since before Christmas!

Wendi's friend Joan was there also, and made this AMAZING chicken salad (with veggies,wild rice, pineapple etc) and, wow! I think everyone had multiple helpings!

She also got a ton of pictures of the kids, some of which I hope to have my hands on soon... =)

Snap! It's COLD here, folks! Today's high is 45, low of 16 (F), that's cold for even where I come from! Brrr! One Good thing is, I'm really getting some good use out of my awesome new Canadian mitts! =0)

Some pictures from our chilly outing yesterday:

When I got out of the shower yesterday morning, I noticed the toilet paper streaming off the roll, out the door, around the corner, and down the hall!

(Since I took a picture, I didn't think it was fair to give him a time out for it)

We needed to get out of the house, so we bundled up and headed to the park on base. Surprisingly we had the whole place to ourselves! lol

Moriah on the big swing

Happy swingin' kids

"That's not Fast, Mommy!"

I don't know why she wouldn't pull her hands up! =)

Cutie watching Keenan climb

Comin' down

The three of us on the slide


Rachel and Hans said...

Cute hat on Moriah! You got to bundle her up after all! :-)

Mom W. said...

18 Fahrenheit here this morning Joia!! Cold... brrrrr. Good for you going out in the cold anyway!!

Jessica said...

29 here this AM! How are we colder than you guys?!?! BRRRRRRR Love you!

Mom E said...

Love the hat, gloves and her shoes! ;-) I loved our cold here sooo much, but fiddlesticks, it was 69 today (1-14).

Mom E said...

p.s. do you have the recipe for that Amazing chicken salad? It sounds so yummy.