Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catch up blog

I just wasn't up to blogging yesterday, so here is a recap of the day...

I had an appointment in the morning, so Wendi watched the kids for me. When I got back, we hung out for a while, and then I watched the kids for a little bit while she ran a couple of errands. She even had us stay and have lunch - pizza, Yum!

I had dropped the kids off pretty early and Moriah was still in her pajamas. When I returned she was wearing a cute onesie of Elijah's that said "That's it, I'm off to Grandma's!" =)

Playing with a fun toy

She Loves this one!

Keenan totally into Curious George =)
(See the nasty bruise on his forehead? The result of a collision with the kitchen cupboard while spinning around!)

After the kid's naps, we took a walk to the library. This time I picked out the books, instead of Keenan (since he picked really weird ones last time!) =) They played for a while and then we had a nice walk home, the milder weather is soo nice!

Last night before bed, Moriah was pushing this plastic bench (from the play kitchen) ALL over the house!

I didn't catch her holding it, but she actually lifts it off the floor (while standing) and shakes it around!

That's a mischievous look if I ever saw one

Yes, I'm in big trouble now!

...and even more =)

This morning we had Brittny, Christopher and Sophie over (for the first time) to play and have lunch. Keenan and Christopher definitely share a liking for fire trucks and garbage trucks!

Keenan has been having a hard time recently when we've had guests... he gets super excited that they're coming, but when they're here, he's not always very nice, and often has a hard time sharing his toys. He did fairly well today (it helped that Christopher and Sophie can fend for themselves), but ended up melting down at the end of the visit. =0/

All in all, it was a good time though, and we're so glad they came! Also, I want to extend congratulations to Brittny's husband, Brandon, who was recently selected as one of next year's chief residents!

Christopher and Sophie playing with the Marble Works

Moriah snuggling her bunny post nap

Keenan and the Big one

Moriah's stylish new way of wearing beads! =)

Well, that about catches us up to now. Philip is working a long day (12 hours in the OR!) and the kids and I are headed out for the evening. They'll be hanging out with their MOPS friends at the church, and I'll be upstairs with my friends, playing Bunco! Gotta run!


Mom W. said...

"That's it, I'm going to grandma's" OK come on... =) Love em...

denise said...

sounds like fun! I warn the kids before kids are coming and we talk about sharing. Then I have them pick a couple toys they don't want to share and put them up or in another room. That way their favorite toys of the moment are not having to be shared, and then they realize that they allowed the other toys to be out and shared. Works fairly well!

Mom and Isaac said...

Ditto your mom's comment. Come on down! :-) Isaac and I laughed at the pic of Moriah sticking her head in the cabinet. Too cute. Love, US

Jessica said...

Was that your first time playing bunco? When I first joined MOPS everyone was really into it-I love it! This new group of MOPS gals aren't into it though and we never play!! :( Love the bead pic of Moriah!!!