Monday, January 25, 2010

Cancelled Plans

The kids and I were planning to go to a playdate at a friend's house this morning, but I had to call and cancel since Moriah was really fussy and I discovered she was running a fever. =0/ What a bummer!

When I told Keenan we couldn't go, he burst into tears! This was going to be a very special play date, with a story and craft and everything... So, while Moriah was napping, we had our own story and craft time instead. =)

We made a fun alligator craft and Keenan did all the cutting (except the mouth) by himself!

Then we drew around his body and he decorated it how he thinks he looks =)

After Moriah's nap, we headed to one of the parks on base for some fresh air and exercise...

My little slider =)

She motored all around the playground with this!

My climber dude

On the way home from the park, Keenan was complaining about his ear hurting, and by the time we got home, he was in tears. I called Philip (thinking he had an ear infection) to see if someone was available to see us if I took him in. Keenan continued to cry as he ate his lunch, and then suddenly stopped and said, "My owie is gone, I hiccuped!" I called Philip and told him and he said that it sounded like it was just an ear block, not an infection. Yay! Unfortunately, Keenan is also running a fever now too, not sure why...

...which lead to more canceled plans. I had to call Andrea and tell her that I couldn't babysit her kids in the morning, since both of mine have fevers. I was bummed, since it has been quite a while since our kids have played together.

Here are a couple pictures from this afternoon:

Kind of a funky shot on the front porch as the sun was going down

Love this =)

I decided to make scalloped potatoes for supper. My mom makes amazing ones, but, even when I use her recipe, they never turn out as good. So, I decided to try and make up my own! With some cream of chicken soup, cream cheese, cheddar, butter and milk (along with some spices), I was quite pleased with the result!


Yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of attending Another fun baby shower! This one was for Grace, one of the intern's wives. She is expecting their first baby, a girl, in March. There were quite a few people there, and it was a surprise, so that was super fun! She had no idea!

Kara and Robyn, the hostesses did an amazing job of everything! The decorations and food were amazing, and for favors, we could choose either a CD or perfume! I chose the perfume "Sweet Pea" (from Bath and Body Works), and I Love it!!

I only took a few pictures before the batteries in my camera died. This is my favorite:

The definition of delicious (right, Brittny?) =)

Keenan has said some pretty amusing things today...

After he got a time out for hurting Moriah, I was talking to him about why he was in time out and I said,
"You need to be more gentle and careful, it's not fair..."
(I realized I had lost him when his eyes lit up and he said),
"I like the fair! And I like going on the rides, and..."

He's definitely "expanding his word power"... At different times today I heard him use the words "Otherwise", and "Cooperate". What a nut!

When Moriah was being so fussy this morning, I was on my way to get the thermometer, and I said to her (wondering if she was teething or something),
"Do you need Tylenol baby? you're just really whiney.."
Keenan (who loves medicine), immediately piped up behind me,
"I'm really whiney, too!"

This evening, after I got them out of the bath, I was putting Keenan's pajamas on and he surprised me by saying:
"Can Moriah stay up with me for a little bit? I like playing with her"

Philip was out the door early this morning (I'm not even sure what time, since I didn't get up), and it's currently 8:38 PM, and he's not home yet. He is the senior on an inpatient rotation and they have just been slammed today! Hopefully this isn't how the next two weeks will go...

Well, all's quite on the home front, wait... I hear my name being called... oh, it's my book and a cup of hot chocolate... See ya! =0)


Flakymn said...

Praying his two weeks lightens up. JB said it was insane for him yesterday.

Mom W. said...

Poor sick babies... Keenan is so funny. I'll have to try that combination for scalloped potatoes, my recipe is too boring and predictable.

Brittny said...

hahahaha!!!! i was just telling brandon how yummy that was when he pointed out my name was under the photo. just shows how yummy they really were... i didn't even look far enought down to read what was under the pic!!! just started drooling again! i mean come on, it's like eating really good healthy food! fruit with chocolate.

Mom E said...

Give those babies a hug and kiss for me. I just cannot stand being so far away from them. Loved Keenan's "fair" conversation. He's too funny. I also really liked the photo where they were sitting and casting shadows behind them. so cute.