Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here!

We had a Super fun time last night with friends over to celebrate the close of 2009 and ring in 2010!

We had lots of fun, chats, laughs, and great food! John, Wendi, the boys and their awesome friend, Joan, came and hung out for a few hours and then needed to get the boys home to bed around 8:00. At that point, we got our kids bathed and into bed, and Rob and Sarah put Della down in our room. Then.. the games began!

We didn't actually play too many, and nothing intellectual. We started with a game of Uno Stacko (pictures will explain), then we played several rounds of "Whoonu" (a really easy, super fun game, made by the makers of "Cranium"). We ended the evening with a "shortened" game of Clue.

At midnight, we watched the ball drop online, and toasted with some bubbly. Then we did sparklers out on the balcony. We had so much fun, so much so that I got very poor photo coverage of the evening. Here's what I got:

Wendi and Joan (a fellow obsessive picture taker!)

Keenan and Della burning off some energy on the trampoline

Sarah making a move in Uno Stacko

Philip in action

Rob making a risky move

Sarah and Rob with their "season's chocolate of choice"

Toasting after midnight

New Year's kisses =)

So... this morning I did something I've never done before. I attended a wedding...1,000 miles away... in my pajamas! An old friend in Ontario got married this afternoon and I attended the wedding via a live stream feed! How totally cool! I haven't seen him in years and haven't met his new bride, but the wedding was beautiful!

Here's me at the wedding, fresh out of the shower and still in my pj's!


Mom E said...

I am sitting here with Trisha reading your blog and showed her the "Dr. Keenan" blog. She laughed and laughed & said it was awesome! Also, we want to know why Rob didn't kiss Sarah in the "toasting" photo?! :-) And how cool that you got to watch the wedding online!
HNY, Mom

Joia said...

LOL.. Mom, the kissing picture... it was the second or third picture in a series of "flash, flash, flash pictures", and at the last second I said, "Let's do a kissing one!", so Rob just didn't have time! =)