Sunday, January 31, 2010

All the World is a Canvas

To deal with the mundane of the last week at home, sick with sick kids, I needed to burn off some creative energy today. I had thrown a box and lid away yesterday, and then in the middle of the night, thought about it and decided that I should take it back out of the trash (just paper and pictures) and make something out of it! (Mom E, this was the thin box that Moriah's wall art came in!)

Here's what happened to the box and lid:

I chose two different colors of scrapbook paper and wrapped each half...

Tada! Blank canvases!

Then, with more scrapbook paper, ribbon, glue, foam sheets and some stickers, I made these...

A couple of fun additions for Moriah's room

I know, I know, Mom, I am no seamstress, and the cuffs on these sleeves are Way too big!
(They'd fit Ben Oakes!)

A simple little summer outfit

Seriously folks, just about Anything can be turned into art! =0)

(Now I just have to figure out where to hang these ... I need to stop making stuff for her room!!)

Sickies and Sweet Stuff

Last night, since Philip was working late, I decided to tackle a box of my photos from the basement that I've been putting off for forever... Can you see why??

I hefted them upstairs, put on a CD, made myself comfy on the couch...

...and a few hours later, I had this to throw away! (What I kept is the stack on the loveseat, second from the right - the rest of those up there were Philip's).

As I sorted through them, many brought back great memories of great times with wonderful people who have really shaped my life, others just made me ask one (or more) of these questions:

1. Why did I take a picture of That??
2. Why did I get doubles of soo many rolls?
3. What Is that??
4. Why do I still have this? (Some pictures had been saved years ago because somewhere in the picture there was a small blurry form of some guy I thought was cute at the time - what a waste of photo paper and space..)

Another thought was - Wow, I have a lot of Really poor quality photos...

Anyway, I kept a few favorites, and the majority of what got thrown away was extra "fluff" from events that I'd already scrapbooked anyway.

When I went in to check on Keenan last night before I went to bed, I found him like this:


Well, I've figured out several reasons that our little Moriah Joy has been so miserable the last few days. #1. She cut another tooth! (Bringing the grand total up to Two!!) #2. She has a double ear infection! Ouch!

Our poor sweet baby snuggling her bunny

Philip and Keenan went out to get Tylenol and some antibiotics for Moriah, and came back with these!

A gorgeous pink rose (which Keenan picked out), and a really sweet card from Philip, telling me how much he appreciates me taking care of the kids while he's been so busy... isn't the best? =)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday's Stuff

Today has been a pretty productive day for me. I was able to get a ton of cleaning and organizing done this morning while Philip was at work. He came home for few short hours in the middle of the day, to see the kids before their naps, get some rest himself, and then play with them a little when they got up, before heading back in to work. He totally feels like he's living there these days.. =0/

The kids playing together yesterday

The exciting news of the day... Moriah decided to start walking while Philip was home! I was sooo happy that she did it while he was here, it was so awesome! She is very proud of herself. =) It will be a few days before she actually takes off with it, but she has taken four or five steps at a time, multiple times today. Woohoo!

Both of the kids have fevers again. Bummer. We went through the Burger King drive thru for dinner (Keenan couldn't have been happier). I was pretty happy too, to get my hands on some Coke, and a slice of their Hershey's Sundae frozen pie! (It's Amazing! I may wish I had never found this out...)

After supper, we got out the bubbles and played with them for a while. Both of the kids Love them! I also discovered that Moriah's ball popper toy (with no balls in it), makes a great bubble blower! If I hold the wand over the air blowing out, it shoots a bunch of bubbles straight up in the air! =)

Keenan liked catching them on his belly =)

Looking pretty serious here

Next, I decided to trace the kid's footprints to make a fun craft. I did Keenan's first and hadn't anticipated how ticklish it would be! He had a very hard time staying still and I had to do some "fixing" on it when it was done. After that, I knew there was No way I would get Moriah to hold still, so I got her foot a little bit wet, stamped it onto the paper, and then quickly traced around the print before it dried. I then traced their feet onto some scrapbook papers and cut them out of all different designs. I finished Moriah's in the bathroom while she was in the bath. (Speaking of the bath, I've realized she can no longer have any toys in there with her that can be used to dump water. Yesterday she dumped a half gallon bucket Full of water all over the floor and then Keenan came running in and slipped and fell!)

I was going to make flower designs out of the footprints, but decided to do something different instead...

I put Keenan's up the wall by his door
(I think I'll make a new one each year, as his foot grows, and then do something with the different sizes)

I put Moriah's tiny feet above her name in her room
(I'm not in love with this - I think I should have used all different papers, instead of just two designs) Maybe I'll still make a flower...

That's it for my day, hopefully Philip will be home soon...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Missing Philip

We miss Philip. It has been a long week, of only seeing him for an hour or two in the evenings! When he got home this evening (a lot earlier, around 6:45), it was the first time he had seen Moriah since Tuesday night! =0/

It's good to have him home for the weekend, but he'll still have to go in to work quite a bit too.

Jodi stopped by this afternoon (I told her it was soo nice to talk to another adult human being, since the only ones this week have been Philip and Myrtle!) She brought us lasagna and salad for supper! Woohoo!

She had her dog, Jackson, and Rob and Sarah's dog, Scuffy with her too. The kids loved it when she got them out to play in the driveway for a while! =)

Not too much else to say... there's a huge storm going on outside right now. Thunderstorms make for good sleeping, I think. =)

Oh, I did want to mention - Moriah made her first solo phone call today! She and I were in her room, while I was rearranging some stuff, and she was playing with the phone. (I don't normally let the kids do this, but it was keeping her very well entertained). My cell phone rang in the kitchen, and when I said hello, Philip said, "Is one of the kids playing with the phone?" I said, "Oh my goodness, did Moriah just call you??" He said, "Ya, all I heard was scratching and bumping, and then when I hung up and tried the home phone and couldn't get through, I figured that was what happened." =) LOL! Oops!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A good day =)

I missed MOPS this morning which was a huge bummer. Thankfully though, the Lord blessed us with a beautiful day, so the kids and I headed to a park we hadn't been to in a while and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine!

Here are pictures from that:
(Almost all Keenan, sometimes I just happen to have the camera on one kid more than the other) =)

Give him a stick and he's happy...

The two of them on a swing by the water

I love this tall grass

This was a really cool spot where he could actually climb Under the roots of this tree!

Caught him doing this on the walk back to the van...

poking his sticks into the mud.. =)

After we left the park, we drove around for a while, checking out some streets I had never been on. This one house caught my eye and I Had to take a picture!

Isn't it adorable and charming??

I've had some really sweet one on one time with each of the kids the last few days, while the other one is napping. I love that! Moriah is getting so fun and interactive and talkative, and Keenan is expanding his horizons from just wanting to play with cars (which I can only do so many times a day), and likes to build and stuff now too. He also cracks me up multiple times a day, he's such a goof!

Another highlight of the day was going to get a FREE route 44 from Sonic, and then (on my receipt for my Free drink), I got Another "take this short phone survey and get a FREE route 44", How cool is that?? 44 ounces of cherry limeade.... that goes a long way, folks =)

Philip just cruised in after a 15 hour day, so I should get the poor guy some dinner!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So sleepy...

The kids are feeling somewhat better today. Fevers are still here, but not as high as yesterday. Moriah's had gone away, and then came back. =0/ Thankfully, I am not sick, just really extra tired for some reason.

Overall, it's been a great day anyway. The weather was nice enough to go outside with the kids and play, which helps to stave off the "cabin fever" that always sets in when we can't be around other people for days on end. =)

Wendi was incredibly thoughtful and helpful and went grocery shopping for me this evening, since I couldn't get out to do it, and Philip wasn't done work until after the store closed. How great is she? =)

Not too many pictures taken today, here's a couple:

Keenan Loves this huge dump truck we got at Goodwill for $3!

Giving Moriah a ride =)

That's it for today, folks, sorry there's nothing more exciting! I need to get to bed... =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More schedule clearing...

It's been a long, sick day in our house. Moriah is still running a low grade fever, and didn't napt this morning, Keenan is coughing pretty bad (couldn't even stop coughing to take his nap today, so I picked up a nebulizer). He also has a 102 temp, and seems to have pink eye! That clears my schedule for another few days at least... =)

God seems to want me to stay home for a while, so we'll go with the flow!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cancelled Plans

The kids and I were planning to go to a playdate at a friend's house this morning, but I had to call and cancel since Moriah was really fussy and I discovered she was running a fever. =0/ What a bummer!

When I told Keenan we couldn't go, he burst into tears! This was going to be a very special play date, with a story and craft and everything... So, while Moriah was napping, we had our own story and craft time instead. =)

We made a fun alligator craft and Keenan did all the cutting (except the mouth) by himself!

Then we drew around his body and he decorated it how he thinks he looks =)

After Moriah's nap, we headed to one of the parks on base for some fresh air and exercise...

My little slider =)

She motored all around the playground with this!

My climber dude

On the way home from the park, Keenan was complaining about his ear hurting, and by the time we got home, he was in tears. I called Philip (thinking he had an ear infection) to see if someone was available to see us if I took him in. Keenan continued to cry as he ate his lunch, and then suddenly stopped and said, "My owie is gone, I hiccuped!" I called Philip and told him and he said that it sounded like it was just an ear block, not an infection. Yay! Unfortunately, Keenan is also running a fever now too, not sure why...

...which lead to more canceled plans. I had to call Andrea and tell her that I couldn't babysit her kids in the morning, since both of mine have fevers. I was bummed, since it has been quite a while since our kids have played together.

Here are a couple pictures from this afternoon:

Kind of a funky shot on the front porch as the sun was going down

Love this =)

I decided to make scalloped potatoes for supper. My mom makes amazing ones, but, even when I use her recipe, they never turn out as good. So, I decided to try and make up my own! With some cream of chicken soup, cream cheese, cheddar, butter and milk (along with some spices), I was quite pleased with the result!


Yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of attending Another fun baby shower! This one was for Grace, one of the intern's wives. She is expecting their first baby, a girl, in March. There were quite a few people there, and it was a surprise, so that was super fun! She had no idea!

Kara and Robyn, the hostesses did an amazing job of everything! The decorations and food were amazing, and for favors, we could choose either a CD or perfume! I chose the perfume "Sweet Pea" (from Bath and Body Works), and I Love it!!

I only took a few pictures before the batteries in my camera died. This is my favorite:

The definition of delicious (right, Brittny?) =)

Keenan has said some pretty amusing things today...

After he got a time out for hurting Moriah, I was talking to him about why he was in time out and I said,
"You need to be more gentle and careful, it's not fair..."
(I realized I had lost him when his eyes lit up and he said),
"I like the fair! And I like going on the rides, and..."

He's definitely "expanding his word power"... At different times today I heard him use the words "Otherwise", and "Cooperate". What a nut!

When Moriah was being so fussy this morning, I was on my way to get the thermometer, and I said to her (wondering if she was teething or something),
"Do you need Tylenol baby? you're just really whiney.."
Keenan (who loves medicine), immediately piped up behind me,
"I'm really whiney, too!"

This evening, after I got them out of the bath, I was putting Keenan's pajamas on and he surprised me by saying:
"Can Moriah stay up with me for a little bit? I like playing with her"

Philip was out the door early this morning (I'm not even sure what time, since I didn't get up), and it's currently 8:38 PM, and he's not home yet. He is the senior on an inpatient rotation and they have just been slammed today! Hopefully this isn't how the next two weeks will go...

Well, all's quite on the home front, wait... I hear my name being called... oh, it's my book and a cup of hot chocolate... See ya! =0)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's been a great day. We slept in a little, had pecan pancakes for breakfast, and then Philip headed into work for a while. The kids and I took a walk after Moriah's nap (since it was almost 70 out!) We found a couple fun deals at Goodwill and then took some cool pictures on our walk...

I let the kids each have an Oreo while I was making Oreo truffles this morning... Here is Moriah after the fact! =)

Some pictures from our walk:

I have been wanting to take pictures in front of this place for quite a while now, but they were always open when I came by!

So grown up...

We had Just bought this truck at Goodwill and it proved to be the perfect prop!

Fun in some leaves

I think this one looks like she's waiting for a train at an old station

I loved this reflective store window!

Cool textures

I just snapped this quickly when it happened!

...and my favorite of the day, just a precious, sweet, fresh, real snap of Keenan:

This kind of stuff hardly Ever happens anymore... =)

* I've updated my photo blog with some new stuff, too!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Sum Up

After helping Philip with some work on our roof, Dad hit the road mid-morning, on his way back to Merritt Island. It will only be six weeks until we see him in KENYA!! Woohoo!

I stopped by to see Myrtle this morning to see how she was doing. We chatted for quite a while, and she seems to be holding up very well. What a strong woman of God she is! I am humbled and amazed by her... Please continue to pray for her family. Her brother's funeral will be on Monday. His name is Frankie. Myrtle was dating Frank when the twins were born, and her mom let her name the baby boy Frank Ray. I'm sure that makes it even harder that he died on the same date that her husband, Frank died last year.

This afternoon we got to watch Isaac and Elijah while John and Wendi went to a movie. What good and sweet boys they are!

Amazingly, (for an overlap of 45 minutes), all four kids were napping at the same time! =)

Isaac had a great time pushing the big fire truck around!

...and had to share it with Elijah =)

Playing with the magnets on the dishwasher

I just happened to notice what a great silhouette the light coming in the door made, so I grabbed the camera, had Philip play peek a boo with the boys at the door, and asked Isaac to hold Elijah's hand! How cute are they??

Handsome boys

Keenan thought we should wear these stylish star glasses this evening...

I think they suit us just fine!

I have recently become a huge fan of... Bisquick! I didn't grow up using it, and had never bought it myself. When we ran out of my favorite pancake mix last week, Philip brought home a box of Bisquick... which I was delighted to discover could be made into a Ton of different things! (At this point everyone else goes, Duh!) Oh well.. better late than never - I love making (very yummy) biscuits using only two ingredients And not having to roll them out. It also makes a great coating for fried chicken - yum! Still need to try it for pancakes (I was going to this morning, but realized we didn't have any eggs).

Well, that's the latest and greatest in my life... tata!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Glorious Day

* Before talking about the beautiful weather and fun with the kids, I have some somber news... You all know how special Myrtle is to us. Today is the first anniversary of the death of her husband, Frank. On top of that, Myrtle lost a brother today. Please pray for her family, but especially for Myrtle as she is now grieving the loss of two loved ones on the same day*

The weather today has been absolutely perfect. Wendi called and asked if we wanted to meet up at the Children's Park and I jumped at the chance! It was sooo nice to be outside with the kids, without coats on!

We hadn't been to this park in quite a while, and Moriah had never been out of the stroller here.. but today she "ruled the park"! It was so fun watching her actually be able to enjoy doing things on her own!

She did make me nervous a few times though... she thought it was great fun trying to climb Up the slides, and one time she stood up on the slide and put her hands up in the air! Aahh! Little stinker.. =)

Very proud of herself for climbing up on her own

Ta da!

Peek a boo!

Standing at the top of the slide? Not your best idea...

One going up, one coming down..

Guess who had to move?

Keenan loved this bouncy pole

... he wanted me to try it too =)

Helping him operate the digger toy

Moriah got a little bit wet on one of the play structures =)

Come on up!

Funny look

We made a very brief visit to the library after everyone was done playing. The boys loved the huge fish tank...

I love this one of Keenan and Isaac

We came home, had lunch and then headed back outside to play in the driveway while we waited for Papa to get back.

First time playing in the sandbox this year!

Random picture of the pretty berries in our yard

This girl is on the move!

The sun was so bright, but her eyes were so pretty!

Moriah was happy to see Papa when he got back

Keenan loved playing in the back of the car!