Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowy Fun!

Hey Folks! Time for a catch up on what we've been doing!

On Thursday, we left home at 1, and cruised into Merritt Island at 9 pm (8 our time). We had a wonderful Christmas Eve (sunny and mild - I even started the day off with a run!) with the whole family, filled with many gifts, lots of laughs, an amazing brunch and dinner, a brief visit with Philip's dad, and a Christmas Eve service at church.

Christmas day, we were up pretty early to get ready to head to the airport. We bid our Florida family goodbye and Dad drove us to the airport. Our flight (direct and only two hours - cake compared to what our kids have been through!) went fine and we even got into Detroit 20 minutes early! The Christmas cheer continued, when we got upgraded at the rental place to a (super nice) mini van instead of a car! Sweet!

We headed to Uncle Tim and Aunt Toni's where we joined most of our Michigan family for an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" Christmas gathering with more gifts, laughs, amazing food and totally awesome games!

We got home to Aunt Mary's quite late last night and all crashed immediately. Today has been pretty relaxing, hanging out at the house, watching football, eating Christmas goodies, and this afternoon we took the kids sledding for the first time! It was quite cold, but they loved it! Keenan especially rocked the sledding hill! He was Born to sled! =0) Funny pictures and video to be shared when we get home.

That about catches us up to now. Spaghetti for dinner and then some "Big Bang Theory" later - woohoo! =0)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I wasn't sure how busy our Christmas Eve would be, and if I'd have a chance to blog or not, so I set these to post today, so you'd have something cute to look at. =)

We got these adorable outfits in the mail a few days ago from Mark and Rebekah and I am in Love with them! The little matching doll dress is the cherry on top. =)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just so thankful...

I was reminded yesterday, by someone else's situation just how blessed and honored I am to be able to be a stay at home mom.

Love these two so much!

Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Christmas Card

To show you all, and to give another shout out to Shutterfly for the free cards this year... I present, our 2010 Christmas card!

Twinkle Flakes Scarlet Christmas 5x7 folded card
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

FMR Christmas Party and Early Christmas

Last night was the annual Christmas party for everyone in the Family Medicine Residency. It is always a lot of fun, but super C-R-A-Z-Y with people, food, kids, noise, gifts, EVERYWHERE!!

(I took tons more pictures, the rest are on Facebook)

Our family (not sure what Moriah's deal was!)

Bethany (due any day!), Me and Brittny

Our hosts, Trisha (Dr. that delivered Moriah!) and Rod

Rebekah and I

Devin and Melissa

Philip and I

Since we'll be heading out of town on Thursday, we thought we'd have Christmas early and open gifts today so the kids could have some time to play with them before we left...

Cute kids by the tree

Keenan's cool Cars Memory game from Grandma and Grandpa W

Moriah's puppy

Moriah's grocery cart from Grandma and Grandpa W

Keenan's own (real) camera!

Moriah's first dollhouse

Keenan's walkie talkies

I took some pictures of the two of them before church this morning...

... and this is what I got! =)

That's better

Friday, December 17, 2010

Moriah's Birthday Festivities

Today has been a fun day, celebrating Moriah's actual birthday. =)

This morning she got one present (the rest waited until Philip got home), that I actually got at a "MOPS Swap" back in the spring!

A cute little bassinet/changing table/high chair!

We had Brittny (and Christopher and Sophie) and Rebekah (and Elijah and Judah) over this morning to play and have lunch. Moriah wasn't her usual chipper self though and was a little overwhelmed by everything that was going on. She did have fun though when we all went out to play on the play set (in the rain!) She and Keenan took good naps after that.

This evening we got pizza and then when Philip got home, we sang happy birthday and opened presents!

Our sweet birthday girl with her "birthday cookie"

Blowing out the candles

I did it!

Chowing down her cookie
(Newly added to the dessert blog, it is a Raspberry Chocolate Cream Cheese cookie!)

Present time!

Yay for a super cool tea sett from Uncle Tim and Auntie Steph!

Keenan got to open a little gift to, and was Delighted to see that we had found him a Luigi (which we've looked for forever) from Cars!

Realizing there's a baby in there!

She was kept Very busy, giving the baby it's bottle, it's paci, putting it on the potty, dressing it, undressing it, wrapping it up, feeding it, and starting all over!

It's actually Super exciting for me (as I'm sure my mom would believe) to have a little girl who is so into dolls... I was Crazy about baby dolls for many years as a child! This is going to be so much fun! =)

Daddy showing her how to burp the baby

Giving the baby some "yogurt"

They were so cute, watching the train before bed =)

... and here's our sweet munchkin one year ago!

Moriah is Two!

Our baby girl is two years old today! Wow!

I love her two year pictures! (Adorable sweater dress compliments of Rebekah and Mark)

And our precious girl at one year...

...and just a tiny newborn!

Moriah Joy... you certainly have brought Much joy into our lives! We are so blessed to have you in our family! Your big brother, Keenan, couldn't be prouder of you or love you more and your Daddy and I think you're the sweetest little blondie in the world. =)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happiness Delivered

We received an awesome gift box today from some pretty awesome people! It's from the company Harry and David. Their slogan is "Happiness Delivered", and boy, is that right! =)

Check this out!

I cannot Wait to bust into this! =)

Cookies and Charlie Brown

It's been a great four kid day today. =)

The weather is pretty cool, and we played outside for a while, to get the kids some exercise and fresh air, but have spent most of the day inside.

This morning the kids watched "Charlie Brown Christmas" while I cut out and baked sugar cookies. What a cute movie, and it's so awesome that it soo clearly tells the "Real Christmas Story", and is still on TV every year! Check out the best clip:

Cookies ready to go in the oven

Snuggled up watching Charlie Brown

Cookie craziness!

Jade, the man with tons of great ideas!

Mr. "The More Icing the Better!"

The sprinkle queen

Some of the finished masterpieces

Moriah was more than happy to clean up the extra sprinkles after the big kids left the table =)

Eden and I finished up the last ones after the boys got tired of decorating

I love to do these types of cookies every year because I have such fond memories of my brothers and I doing them with my mom when we were growing up. =)