Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Couple things

Yesterday the kids got to spend some Christmas money from Great Grandma E. This is what they got:

We realized after this last trip that the duffel we'd been using for Moriah was getting pretty worn out. I was Thrilled at the opportunity to buy her a Pink one!
(She also got two adorable Strawberry Shortcake insulated cups)

Keenan got to pick out five characters from the Cars movie - he is Crazy about them!
(I know, I know, you're thinking... the kid has a million cars! BUT... these are "the main guys" from Cars and all have names!) =)

Today the kids and I had lunch with Jodi, Sarah and Della (a miniature wifia today) at Jodi's house. She had some awesome chili and Fantastic homemade pecan pie! Woohoo!

The weather has been Quite chilly lately, but warmed up a bit today... hoping for some slightly nicer weather so we can get back outside!

I think that's a curl! =0)

I took a couple girly pictures in Moriah's room just for fun today (this armoire normally holds our sheets and towels) =)

I wish I could leave it like this, but (sigh) we need the space...

Couple highlights from the day:

Myrtle saw us arrive home from Jodi's, so she popped over to see us (for the first time since we got home), to say hi, and to catch up. She was pretty "giddy" actually, and was excitedly telling me about some good deals she had got today. She apparently bought her first leather coat and cashmere shirt - woohoo! I don't know if she's putting herself back on the "market", but I told her that the men were going to be banging down her door now! =)

Keenan told me this afternoon, "I like you. You're so nice to me." =)

Totally loved the sound of both kids giggling in the bathtub tonight... sweetness...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Keenan :)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

So sweet! I love that GIRLY pic!

Jessica said...

So, I think Moriah has more shoes than I do AND it totally sounded like you use that duffel for Moriah...like to pack her in and carry her around. LOL! Love, Jessica

Mom E said...

I agree with Keenan too. :-)