Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trying to stay current...

We are back in Michigan! We sure hated to say goodbye to my family in London this afternoon.. =0/ The visits are always too short..

We had a good drive and great border crossing. We got settled in at Aunt Mary's and then had a short visit with Mom, Jeff and Isaac this evening at a friend's house, since they are in town until tomorrow.

A few more pictures...

Keenan playing with Uncle Mark's train

Moriah loved the Uno Attack machine! =)

Rebekah is an Amazing hostess and always has a gorgeous table!

Third celebration of Moriah's birthday! =)

Rob and his boy

We had a good drive back to Michigan... Keenan was totally stoked to get back to all the trucks in Aunt Mary's basement!

Mom and Jeff are in town, so we went and had a visit with them this evening at their friend's house...

Moriah and Grandpa Jeff

The dudes eating pizza

A fun picture of Mom and Moriah

We got to get a picture of us on the swing that we got engaged on back in 2003, on December 30th...

The four of us (I accidentally uploaded one that wasn't so great, oops!)

A slightly more crowded kiss than back in 2003!

Then we made a super awesome Tim Horton's stop on the way back to Aunt Mary's... Woohoo!


Jessica said...

awwww, I love the picture of you guys kissing with your rosy-cheeked babies between you. That is precious. Wish we were there with you guys! Have an awesome Christmas. I know Dad is really happy to be able to spend Christmas with you guys in Michigan. Love and hugs, Jessica

Mom E said...

Merry Christmas Eve! Can you upload one of the better "swing photos" or just email it to me? The 'kissing' one is so cute with the kids in your laps and it's funny how your eyes are open and Philip's are closed. :-) So glad we stayed & got to meet up with you guys. Love, Mom, Jeff & Isaac

Mom W. said...

Wondering what the cat is thinking while it is looking at Moriah... = )

Sure miss you guys, feels like your visit went by in a flash...