Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Six Years Ago Today... Amazing man asked me to marry him, and I said YES!

Here we are, a few years and three homes later, med school completed, Air Force residency coming to a close, thousands of miles traveled, joined by two precious children, and on the brink of a new stage in our lives.

Philip, thanks for asking... my life has been blessed, my horizons widened, my joy multiplied and my character strengthened because I chose to take this journey with you. I love you.


Mom W. said...

Yep, it is special remembering the anniversary of your engagement!! What a full 6 years!!

Anonymous said...

wow 6 years already eh! LOL just thought about that after i typed it haha. I sure am canadian! Anyways congratulations guys! hope you guys live a long fun life together filled with lots of joy!
love you all!

Rachel and Hans said...

What a sweet post! :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. -- Diana

Mom E said...

And I remember how much fun it was (and cold) it was standing in the trees video taping the event! :-) Thanks for loving my son. You're a wonderful d-i-l.
I love you, Mom