Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reminders from God...

The kids and I went for a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. Several times, we came across "hearts" along our way, and I was reminded that, even in His creation, God shows us over and over that He loves us!!

Keenan insisted his balloon come along too

Off we go...

First "heart sighting"
(I darkened the background to help the leaves show up better)

Keenan did a lot of the pushing, even up a small hill!

Huge heart shaped leaf

... and a small one

Just havin' fun

This cracks me up - this is Moriah trying to pull Keenan's hat off, and Keenan reaching up and grabbing it to keep it on! =)

Moriah and I both have nasty coughs and colds again. She hasn't been able to sleep very well, due to her congestion and repeated coughing. I was desperate the other night and tried getting her to sleep in her car seat, and it worked so well, she has spent the last two nights in it! Being up in that position helps her breath Much better!

Sweet baby

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Mom W. said...

Love the hearts very cute and good idea to put her in the car seat.