Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pictures from our trip and a Canadian Christmas (first of two)

So, I finally found some time to get some pictures on here from the past few days since we left Florida!

Starting with our first day on the road (15 hours from start to finish)...

Poor sick baby (wearing nothing but a diaper and bib!)

The boys in the hot tub at our hotel in Dayton

Happier on travel day #2, smiling at Keenan

... and laughing!

Happy traveler!

Fun, last minute, stop in Michigan on our way to Ontario...

Moriah checking out the pretty decorations at Aunt Mary's

Uh oh...

Keenan was in Heaven, playing trucks with Papa!

Cute truck load

(We thought we'd better get a picture before we left, in case it was all melted when we got back to MI - since they had hardly any at all where we were in Ontario!)

Quick visit at Tim Horton's with our friends, Nathan and Laura..

Yes, that's imported Vanilla Coke =)

A paparazzi shot of Moriah and I leaving TH's

On to my parent's house on Sunday night...

Moriah opening a birthday presents (and loving the tissue paper!)

Snuggling with Grandpa

Meeting Brayden!

Keenan was pretty excited to hold the baby =)

Cool dude in sunglasses

Monday afternoon we headed to London to celebrate Christmas with my dad's side of the family..

Moriah meeting Uncle Dave

Uncle John with two of his beauties - Lindsay and Allyson

Pretty table

Moriah learned how to climb stairs!!

Moriah meeting her new cousin, Brayden

Sweet kiss =)

Love this picture Rebekah snapped of us!

Keenan was quite thrilled with this Huge set of cars, trucks and SUVs

Rebekah and I

My handsome man and I

Keenan snuggled up to Allyson

Add ImageMoriah playing the piano with Rebekah

Moriah being sweet with Daddy

The "kids table" =)

The adult table

Keenan was totally enthralled with Uncle Mark's train!

Our "Christmas morning" breakfast

Keenan chatting with Brayden

Santa's helper passing out the stockings

Ready to open presents! (Moriah was sleeping)

There are (obviously) already many more pictures from the rest of the day yesterday, but time does not permit me to get to them yet...

We will be leaving around noon to head back to Michigan for a few days.


Anonymous said...

We're so INCREDIBLY glad you came, and can't believe that it's over already! Thanks so much for making the long drive. I know it's a lot of time, money and stress and sometimes it would be easier to stay home, but we loved having you here for Christmas. We love all of you, Philip, Keenan, Moriah and Joia-the-Awesome!
Have a merry rest of your Christmas and safe travels!

Love Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah

Mom W. said...

Ditto here, SO glad you could come for Christmas this year!!! Hope your travels to MI went well. Hi to everyone there...

Sophie said...

Hey joia, are you going to be back in Norwich again over the holidays?, My cherry coke fairy got stalled...

Joia said...

Sophie, sorry I'm in Michigan now - maybe some Cherry Coke next trip!

Mom said...

Wow, what great photos you took, JTA (Joia the Awesome) lol. So glad you got to spend time with your family for Christmas....and so glad you took the time to see us here in MI. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics you took here at Gretta's. Love you! Mom