Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Third Annual FWB Christmas Parade!

Tonight was the Fort Walton Beach Christmas Parade! It is always a highlight of the season for us! We had sooo much fun!

We got there early, snagged a good spot, parked the car in it, drove the van over to Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures, came back, and set up our chairs just in time for it to start! The weather was perfect (just cold enough that it seemed right to be watching a Christmas parade, even in Florida, but not so cold that we were uncomfortable), and wow - have I ever mentioned that these parades are more generous with their goodies than Any I have ever been too?? This year, Keenan was Totally into the candy scene and had a blast!! We also replenished our bead supply, which is always fun. =)

The boys - Philip having dinner, and Keenan having a snack

Moriah all bundled up

Us girls
(She did sooo well the entire time and didn't even get scared and cry about any of the loud sirens!)

Keenan thought the sirens at the beginning were a little loud

All of us

This is how Keenan looked most of the time, just standing there with one hand held out, hopefully, and usually waving with the other... =)

We love candy!!

Moriah with her little beanie monkey
(She wasn't even out front, and a lady purposely walked back to give it To her!!)

She also Loved the helium balloon that Keenan got!
(I love the look on Philip's face as he tries to avoid the repeated bouncing of the balloon off his face!) =)

Me and my goofy kids (yes, Moriah is chewing on the beads that are around My neck!)

It was so exciting that our kids were chosen Three times for beanie toys!

The loot - several Pounds of candy and chocolate, three animals and...52 strands of beads!

Here's pictures of our family from the last two years:

2008 (Moriah in utero, she missed it by 8 days!)



Anonymous said...

Nice! It looks like Hallowe'en! I can't believe how much stuff there is. I love that you guys have so much fun together as a family:)
Love Rebekah

Mom W. said...

Philip looks like he is on something more than supper in that one. Moriah reminds me a little of you as a baby in the one of her all bundled up. Just a little. Wow what a lot of stuff that you got, were you close to the beginning of the parade or something? 52 strands of beads!!!