Monday, December 14, 2009

MOPS Wrapping Party/Ornament Exchange

I had a fun evening out with some friends from MOPS. We met to wrap gifts (but I couldn't wrap any, since they're all crossing the border with us), so I just ate, hung out, and helped a couple people wrap some of theirs! Woohoo!

Paper, paper, wrapping, wrapping...

Brittanee, Andrea, Robin

Tiffany, Jen M, Amanda

Yum diddly!

Amanda, Vanessa, Tiffany

Brittanee, Stephanie, Robin, Brooke and Jessica D.

Jen L. and Jessica J.

Jen M. and I

Brooke (with one of the "highly sought after" angel ornaments)

The ornament exchange was really fun (and quite competitive!) but everyone ended up with something cute. =) See you all in the new year!!

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Mom W. said...

Maybe you should have "rapped" instead... = )