Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keenan Wraps and a Visit with Myrtle

I decided to pick up some teeny tiny gifts the other day to have Keenan and Moriah give to each other for Christmas (which will be Thursday for us). I also decided it would be a good idea (lol) to let Keenan choose the wrapping paper, cut it, wrap the gift and tape it himself! Well... He had a great time, I had a "Wow, this is incredibly patience sapping" experience watching him (without jumping in and doing it myself), but all in all, it went well and he did a great job! I'm so proud of him. =)

Here's the pics:

Trying to cut a straight line

Cutting the end piece off, definitely getting the hang of "one handed operation" by now

The present - some cute striped tights and some tiny mitts to match her winter coat

All wrapped up!

Next he chose a tag...

...and wrote "To: Moriah, love, Keenan"

Putting it under the tree =)

After lunch, we went over to see Myrtle. With the weather being so yucky, and us having so much going on, it had been way too long since we'd been over. We also needed to take her Christmas present over (Keenan pushed it over in the doll stroller). We had a nice time, Moriah just lights up every time she sees Myrtle, and Keenan was thrilled that she let him at her candy bowl!

Trying to coax Moriah into walking to her

I love this one

Pushing/pulling the doll stroller

Myrtle getting Keenan to tickle him! =)

Moriah trying to make the deer sound Myrtle had just told her

Laughing together

What a happy pair =)

Myrtle will join us on Thursday to celebrate Moriah's birthday, but we'll sure miss her while we're gone! She will hopefully be in Alabama with her family for Christmas.

Last night, after baths, Keenan was in bed, "reading" to himself for a few minutes before we went in to tuck him in, sing, and say goodnight. I heard him talking, and when I realized what he was saying, I got Philip and we quietly stood in the hallway outside his door, listening. He was paging through the Dr. Seuss book, "Are You My Mother?" and "reading" the story, almost Word for Word!!! It was the Cutest thing ever!! I had to put my hand over my mouth several times to keep from laughing out loud!


Jessica said...

How adorable...all of it! I love the book reading. Great idea on the present wrapping idea. I might have to have Reagan try that out! :) Happy almost birthday to Moriah!

Mom W. said...

At first I thought it was going to be edible wraps from you title and then I saw the boy with the scissors...

Mark used to "read" the book of Peter and the Wolf, same thing, it was so fun. Rote memory...

Little Fish Girl said...

That is So cute! :) My little brother had all of the books he loved memorized at that age, too. My mom would try to skip over words, and my brother would say, "No, MOMMY!"