Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun day

If you laughed so hard (two separate times, once involving each child) that your stomach hurts, you know you've had a good day.... =)

The first time was with Keenan when he and I amused ourselves for about 20 minutes, throwing the couch cushions at each other (It was so funny, he would throw a cushion over the couch at me, then take off running and I'd pick it up and see if I could chuck it at him before he got out of reach!)

The second was when I gave Moriah her bath this evening and realized that the suction cup on the end of one of Keenan's tooth brushes would stick to her head! I just about died laughing!

What do you think? Is this look "totally me"?

All four of us got great naps this afternoon (well, Philip's wasn't really a nap, it was just a continuation of his sleep since 8:30 this morning) - he is going to be totally messed up for tonight!)

After our naps, we went out and did some shopping and looked at some Christmas lights. Then the boys dropped us girls off and went to "pick up a movie and return something", but they have been gone Quite a while and I have received several calls asking about my Christmas list. =)

While I was giving Moriah her bath, I was thinking "We really need more bubble bath, maybe I should call Philip and see if he can pick some up", then I decided not to, and that he was probably all ready on his way home. Not more than a few minutes later, he called and said, "Hey, do we need more bubble bath for the kids? It's on sale." How bizarre is that???

So we're completely done our Christmas shopping now, but other than Philip's gifts, and the stuff we bought for the kids, I can't wrap Any of it yet, because it's all crossing the border with us into Canada, and might get searched! Ugh! Guess I know what I'll be doing with any spare moments when we get there...

Oh, I hear the boys.. gotta run!


Mom W. said...

Spare moments when you get here???

Yeah the toothbrush on her head is pretty funny...= ))))

The Woodford's said...

Total belly laugh with the toothbrush on the head - so funny!! The girls enjoyed it too! =)
Love y'all,

The Woodford's said...

As soon as I scroll down, Kyla says, "See 'Riah 'gain!" =)

denise said...

love the picture!!! Gift bags are the way to go for that type of travel. Walmart and Target have a great selection of packaged bag sets of different sizes for reasonable prices (rather than buying them individual). You'll spend a little more than wrapping paper, but it will take SOOO much less time. You can even do the tags ahead of time. I keep threatening to do a gift bag only Christmas one year.... then I forget to stock up on bags when they are on sale after Christmas :)

Hannah said...

Those pics are the cutest things!!! Keenen is to funny! Maybe we can get together when you come to CA!! Take care!

Mom E said...

yeah she'll really love ya', when you put the toothbrush suction cup pic in her wedding video prior to her wedding. lol. You are too funny.
Love, Mom