Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Four in the morning

Wendi dropped her boys, Isaac and Elijah off this morning for a while during an appointment. The kids had a blast and I got some fun pictures! =)

Pretty blue eyes

Baby buds


Goofy and Goofy =)

Moriah getting in on the car action

Look at those gorgeous eyes under the Santa hat!

Keenan and Isaac sharing some goldfish

Wendi got quite the welcome at the door!

I love this picture of the four of them!

They were good sports!

... and while I was editing, I just couldn't resist having some fun with it! =)


We met some of the wifia (and Philip!) at the McDonald's play place, and then came home for naps. It is 77 degrees out (wow!) so we're headed out to play now...


Mom W. said...

I thought the four in the morning was 4 am in the morning and finally realized you meant 4 kids in the morning....= )

Love the edited one, really fun!!

Brittny said...

that's cute!!!