Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Evening out for me!

This evening, even though Philip is on nights, I was able to get out and go to a Christmas party with some friends! Wendi and John watched Keenan and Moriah for a few hours and I got a nice break! Thanks, guys!

Some pictures from the day:

Little Miss "into everything" =)

Pretty proud of her little walking self!
(Love the tongue!)

Getting spun around by Daddy after he woke up

The party was with other members of our MOPS Steering team and was hosted by our coordinators, Vanessa and Amanda at Amanda's home. They put together a delicious spread!

Oh, yum....

The group (not sure why Amanda wasn't looking!)

We had a (rather competitive) fun gift exchange!

Amanda, proud owner of the much sought after Snuggie!

Me with my (much fought for) super soft blanket and movie!

Amanda, Jessica, Me, Vanessa, Jen, Andrea


Mom W. said...

I sure hope you are still friends... prepare yourself for another competitive gift exchange... Tell me is the move is a good one.

Mom W. said...

The movie that is... tornado???

Joia said...

*Answered question by email*

Vanessa S said...

Fun night! Thanks for posting pics. I can always count on you! :)