Friday, December 4, 2009

Couple new things

This is very random. Just a couple new things in our house lately!

Our new bedspread set that we got on Black Friday!
(It was the only one we could decide on - neutral enough that Philip didn't think it was too girly, and pretty enough that I didn't feel like it was to masculine) =)

A prettty set of wall art that Mom and Jeff gave Moriah for Christmas (or was it her birthday? I can't remember) I Love them! They each have a verse and a sweet promise about God taking care of her


Anonymous said...

Love love love the bedspread! It reminds me a little of the two I have in my guest rooms. I think your compromise worked very well!
Love you,

Mom W. said...

Very, very nice, and nice cedar chest too!!! Will you read one of the verses to Moriah each day until she has them all memorized??? = )

denise said...

Love the comforter! So CUTE!

Becky said...

Beautiful! Do you know where they got the wall art? I love it!

Joia said...

I'll find out for you, Becky!

Mom E said...

I got the wall art thru a company that does home shows. I think it was called Blessings. You can't buy it in the store.
It looks great Joia; I was wondering where it was going to fit in her room, and as usual, you did a great job. Love the bedspread too. It makes me want to change mine now. :-) Love, Mom

Mom E said...

p.s. The company is called Blessings Unlimited and are a subsidiary of Dayspring and located where Denise lives in Siloam Sgs, AR! (which I didn't know till I actually researched the company just now).
The web address is:

It is sold through independent consultants. Hope this helps. Love, Mom