Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas time fun!

Last night the wifia had a super fun pajama party/cookie exchange here at our house! It worked out perfectly, since mine was the only house without a husband in it, who would have to "hide out" during the girl's night. =)

Keenan ended up joining us (just like he did last year!) because he was too excited to go to sleep with all those people (and cookies) in the house! =)

We hadn't planned to do a gift exchange this year, but Wendi showed up with white elephant gifts for us all! I added one for her and we all got something fun!

Along with the cookies, we had a bunch of Delicious appetizers that everybody brought! What a fun night, good friends, no kids(almost), and great food! We didn't wrap up until close to midnight!

Sweet picture of Keenan at naptime
(Man, I love this boy!)

Ready for the party
(Thanks to Amanda, I found out that Lowes gives away free pine tree trimmings, so Philip picked up a bunch for me to decorate with!)

Tiff, Sarah and Andrea

Wendi, Me, Jodi

All the yummy cookies

Everybody collecting their cookies from everyone else

Such great friends!

This morning we headed to Destin Commons for their monthly (free) kids activity. Thanks Brittny, for letting us know about it! They had songs, story time and a craft, as well as cool goody bags!

It was cooler than I expected and I hadn't brought any jacket for myself! Brr! Keenan didn't need his hoodie, so I gave it to Moriah to keep her head and hands warm.

We also met up with Suzy, the wife of one of the newer staff doctors at Eglin that I met a few months ago. We have both been so busy that this was the first time we'd been able to connect since! She has a daughter, Savannah, who I've been able to pass on a ton of baby clothes to!

Poor Moriah looks like a little "ape" here with Keenan's big hoodie on!


A new friend, Suzy and her daughter, Savannah

Keenan dancing to the music with his not so interested partner, Sophie

Moriah and I

Enthralled listening to the reading of "Frosty the Snowman"

All the kids putting special little hearts into a bear (from the "Build a Bear Workshop") to send to a child at Christmas

When we did the craft, Keenan was most interested in the glue!

The finished craft

We headed over to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa, but he wasn't going to be there until five...

He really liked this four wheeler at Bass Pro Shop (I think it's a little girly)

Checking out the huge fish in the tank!

Moriah loved it too

You might be a redneck if...
You dress your baby girl in hunting camo!

Next we stopped at Tropical Smoothie and used our coupon for a free kid's smoothie!

This came out blurry, but I Love their "kid size booth!"

Happy boy

On our way to meet back up with Suzy for lunch

We had a delicious lunch at Panera bread, yum!!

I love this one that Suzy got of the three of us on the comfy couch at Panera

Back at the play area before heading home

Poor Moriah, I don't have a jacket/sweater that matches what she was wearing so she was forced to wear clashing colors in Public!

Keenan chatting with a new friend

On the way home, we stopped at Winn Dixie for the great deal they have going on right now!

Buy a Stouffer's lasagna, chicken lasagna, or chicken enchiladas for $13.99 and get all these for FREE:

Package of garlic bread
2 litre Pepsi product
Package of frozen veggies
2 qt Breyer's ice cream!

This deal is on until December 8th, so if you have a Winn Dixie nearby, check it out!


Mom E said...

wow, it makes me want to come back and do all that fun stuff with you! The pj's looked good in the photos too. Will finally have a chance to wear mine tomorrow. It was 85 degrees yesterday! How crazy is that? Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

Cold??? Wow... it has been pretty mild here... How crazy is that?

Brittny said...

i love the shot of the camo. i actually had to stare at it for a second to see what it was. blended in too much i guess. ; ) funny story about that, last time we were there they had a pink t-shirt with green camo "sleeves" underneath and sophie yelled, "Me, Mommy!! Me!!!" To which i quickly replied, "NO, Sophie, Never!!!"

Mom again said...

I totally couldn't figure out the camo picture until I enlarged it... LOL