Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Cat in the Hat (but not really)

Philip worked at the free clinic all morning, so it was just the three of us home on a rainy day..

"The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
Philip was gone all morning

On this cold, cold wet day.

I sat there with Keenan

e sat there we two
Moriah was napping

We had nothing to do!

(Ya, right! Oh, the list goes on...)

Too wet to go out
And too cold to play ball
So we sat in this house

We did nothing at all.

(Except pick up toys, shower, dishes, and laundry)

So all we could do was to



And we did not like it.

Not one little bit.

And then I remembered

In the paper, an ad
A free Christmas party -
We didn't have to be sad!

At the Legion they're gathered
With free drinks and snacks
They've got goodies and Santa

We'd better get packed!

So Keenan and I

We both hurried about

We got our things ready

Then from Moriah, a shout!

Oh good, she's awake,

Get her dressed, get her fed!
With this fun on the rise

No more lying in bed!

We got in the van

All buckled up tight
Keenan, Moriah, hush up

This is no time to fight!

Then off to the Legion
We drove in a flash

We pulled in, saw Santa

In the door, he did dash!

We went in, got signed in

Had some hotdogs for lunch

Then, to choose from

All kinds of cookies to munch!

Next, we got Santa hats

Both kids kept them on!

Then up to see Santa

The line was all gone!

First went up Keenan

On Santa he sat

He had a real beard

No fake under That hat!

Keenan was shy

Wouldn't even say his name

But Santa was kind

Gave him a really fun game!

Next was Moriah's turn
She was all waves and grins
Santa gave her a toy too

One that lights up and spins

Next we bade our farewell

With a thank you and smile

Then we drove on back home
And played with the new toys for a while.

Then Philip came in

And he said to us two,
"Did you have any fun?

Tell me. What did you do?"

And Keenan and I did not know
What to say
Should we tell him

All the things that we'd done today?

Should we tell him about it?

Now, what should we do?

(He'd probably be jealous...)
What would YOU do If your husband asked YOU?"
* The End *

Here are the pictures from our morning! (Please bear with me, I'm still having some focus issues)...

Keenan ate his hotdog and then ate the bun all by itself!

Cheery little elf

Not so sure about this guy...

I somehow caught Moriah Not smiling here!

More interested in the toy than in looking at me

After we left the Legion, (Okay, so that event was sooo awesome - totally free, and they were soo sweet and generous with everything! Here's a big shout out to the members of Legion 221!) ... we needed to get gas, and then I decided to swing by the Heritage Museum (since they had their annual "Yule of Yesteryear" activities going on today), but when we got there, I looked back and...

Keenan was fast asleep (keeping a firm grip on his goody bag!)

Oh well... I did notice the Walton Guard across the street, dressed all up to reenact Christmas of 1861 in their Civil War costumes, so I snapped a couple pictures...

Looks chilly!

Then we got some cute pictures by the tree when we got home (Keenan did wake up and remembered his goody bag!)

Christmas kids

Sweet kiss

Woohoo - look what we got!

I LOVE this one of Moriah!

So... I'm still pretty crazy about the 3D snowflakes, and have now made six of them, including this big one (made from 12X12 scrapbook paper), for Moriah's room:

So... all you doubters out there, (who haven't tried it yet), here's what people who HAVE tried it had to say to me about the snowflake craft:

"LOVE the snowflake!! It was so easy "A CAVEMAN CAN DO IT". Okay, it was so easy that the incredibly non-artistic mother that I am was able to make it, so thanks a gazillion times over..." (a friend of mine from MOPS)

"I loved the snowflake you had on your blog and had to try it! It was quite easy and my husband was impressed with my "talent." (a friend on Facebook)

"Yep, I made one. Really easy and cool looking" (my Mom)



Mom W. said...

Neat poem Joia, did Keenan help write it while you were sitting....?

Cute pictures, one doesn't show up but it seems to happen now and then on this computer anyway.

Love you,

Jessica said...

adorable poem. Haven't tried the snowflake yet. They are sooo cool looking!!! I am too nervous. I am scared of crafts! :) Love you, Jessica

Mom W. said...

Check it out Jessica, a four year old could do it... seriously. = )

Jessica said...

:) lol Judy! Maybe I will have my 4-year-old teach me then!! :) We'll try it today....maybe...haha!