Sunday, December 6, 2009

Caroling etc...

Tonight I went out caroling (for the first time since I was about 16!) with a few friends from MOPS! We had a great time! First we went to a retirement home and sang in the dining room, then we went to four or five houses of people from our church who are shut ins. They were all soo appreciative that We felt like the blessed ones!

The sky was lit up in a Gorgeous sunset as I was driving to meet the other girls, and I just couldn't stop taking pictures!

So beautiful...

...and then another part of the sky was just a plain gray color!
(Without sounding irreverent), it made me think, "Hmm... did God forget to paint this part?" When I told Philip he said, "Maybe he just hadn't gotten over there yet" =)

Okay, on to caroling pictures...

The backseat trio
Andrea, Me, Jen

The driver and navigator
(Our beautiful co-coordinators, Vanessa and Amanda!)
I Love this picture of both of them!

All of us by the pretty tree at the retirement home

It was such a blessing to be able to minister to such sweet, thankful people. They were all seniors, and were genuinely thrilled to see us show up! At the home of one elderey couple, the gentleman stood at the door and watched as we loaded up, figured out where we were going next, pulled out of the drive, and waved as we drove down the street! At another home, the man motioned for Hannah (the adorable little girl on the left in the picture above) to come over and he picked her up and held her on his lap while we sang... so sweet. (She was a big hit all night with everyone we saw, and was a great sport about being hugged and cuddled by so many people she didn't know!)

Keenan said a couple really funny things today:

This afternoon he asked for a Christmas cookie and chose an angel one. I looked down a minute later and said (with mock horror!) "You ate her Head!" He smiled and said, "Ya". After a little while he said, "She's crying!" I said, "Why?" He said, "She's crying for her head!"

When I was getting ready to go out tonight, Keenan came in the bedroom and asked what I was doing. I said I was trying to decide what shirt to wear. He said, "I think you should wear a red shirt!" I said, "I was thinking about wearing a red shirt, as a matter of fact!" He pointed to Philip's side of the closet (at a red and white Red Wings jersey) and said, "There's one, and it's just your size!" I laughed, put it on, and walked into the office to show Philip what Keenan had chosen for me to wear caroling. When I told him what Keenan had said, he said, "He's a smart man!" =0) (As you can see from the pictures, I didn't choose the jersey!) =)


Mom W. said...

Very nice and so good that you went caroling, it seems hardly anyone does any more. Reminds me of years gone by too.

Keenan... so funny.

Anonymous said...

We do this with the Sunday School kids every year (we're going this Friday night) and they LOVE it! I agree about feeling blessed by it. The seniors are so appreciative and kind and this is the kids' favourite special even that we do all year. These are older kids though, 10-16.
Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.
Love you,