Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday happenings...

Moriah's birthday has been pretty busy, but fun so far...

She started the day with her favorite breakfast, pancakes (Pink ones today!) as well as marshmallows (because... she loves them and, hey, it's her birthday!)

Off with the headgear

Keenan wanted Green pancakes! =)

Some fun birthday/Christmas girl pictures:

Ready to party!

"Okay, everybody now, this one's for Bing... I'll be home for Christmas..."

I just love this one

"Aw, gee... is Christmas ever gonna get here?"

We ran over to Myrtle's for a quick picture in the "big shoes", since it's tradition!

"Seriously, Myrtle, do these shoes make my feet look big?"

Keenan in the shoes in the same shirt!

Next we had a quick stop at Sonic before taking the van through the car wash. I Love getting it all clean and vacuumed out (especially before/after a big trip).

Moriah playing with Keenan's toy cell phone:

"Let's see... I have Daddy's number in here somewhere..."

"Hey, Daddy!"

I wasn't in the mood to bake (or eat) cake today, so we made yummy birthday brownies instead! Keenan was my big helper...

Stirrin' it up

Taste test!
(Don't worry folks, this was After the brownies were in the oven!)

Well, we still have quite a bit going on later today, so I should run. When Philip gets home we're opening birthday and Christmas presents, and then Myrtle is joining us for Moriah's birthday supper!


Mom W. said...

Fun!!! Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Moriah! We can hardly wait to see you and give you some birthday / Christmasly / niecely cuddles!

And Joia, beautiful pictures! I especially love the ones of her dressed up - very cute dress. This little girl won't have trouble finding pictures to show at her wedding ! :) I guess that is the difference between having parents with film cameras and parents with digital cameras. ;)

Can't wait to see you guys!

Love Auntie Bekah :)

Mom W. again said...

You can tell it is a different time of year in the big shoe pics. by the greenery in the background. Looks like Azaleas in bloom behind Keenan...

Tara said...

Happy birthday, Moriah!!