Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Awesome Discovery!

Last night, I was reading my brother, Tim, and his wife, Steph's blog, and came across the coolest thing! Steph claims that she's not creative, but she does the cutest and most fun crafts with her girls! Last night, I came across this picture on their blog:

Steph said that she had seen this 3D snowflake on another blog and decided to try it... and that "it was really easy!" She said to just google "3D snowflake" for directions!

Well, I was already in love with it, and wanted to find out if it Really was easy, so at 9 pm, I googled it, found the instructional video, made one (was totally amazed, along with Philip at how complicated it Looked, but wasn't), decided I HAD to have some for our MOPS meeting in the morning, so I made two more! =)

SERIOUSLY folks, they are E-A-S-Y - you Have to try it! No measuring, no hard instructions... if you can make a few easy cuts with scissors and can operate a roll of scotch tape and a stapler, you've got all the required skills!!!

Here are mine at MOPS - I suspended one over each table. Everybody loved them, but still wasn't sure whether to believe me or not about them being easy ... I think I definitely convinced several to go home and check it out!

Very fun addition to my other decorations for the day!

Jessica, with the group's newest member, two week old Micah! =)

What a cutie!

One of my cuties back at home eating lunch after a fun time with his friends at MOPS!

She's gonna get me! =)

Keenan checking out some ornaments on the tree

The snowflakes, hanging in the front room by the tree
(Did I mention they're EASY?)

A very exciting package arrived in the mail today! Our new camera!!


I'm waiting until Philip comes home to take it out of the box, but I'm just happy looking at it, knowing it's finally here!


Flakymn said...

I have to be honest.

I don't believe you.


Joia said...

Wendi, BELIEVE!!!! I just might come over tomorrow and Show you how easy it is!! =)

Rachel and Hans said...

how can you WAIT to take the camera out?! that is willpower, joia!!!

Joia said...

LOL, it's actually Still not out, because we were waiting until Keenan was in bed.. It's not in the same room as me, or I'd go nuts.. =)

Flakymn said...

Are you aware that despite the easiness, ability is a major factor?

Have you ever seen my ability?

It's too pathetic to talk about actually.


Mom W. said...

Sounds like the ability thing shouldn't be a problem either Wendi, If I had time for frivolous stuff I'd make one, maybe I still can, where is the instruction video Joia?

Mom W. said...

Found it, yep it is really easy!! Looks fast and fun!!!

Jess James said...

Absolutely love the snowflakes Joia! We made some this morning and Madelyn was totally fascinated! Congrats on the new camera - that's always exciting! Love the pics of me and Micah. I may have to snag them.

Joia said...


Woohoo - another brave soul believed me and Tried the snowflakes - see, people? I'm telling the truth! =)