Monday, December 14, 2009

Another party!!

We got to have Della come visit for a few hours yesterday afternoon while her mom was at a yoga workshop. She is like a flighty little bird, darting from here to there, and is sooo hard to get pictures of! Here's one of the ones I managed to snap!

I love this one of her

Last night was the 3rd year resident's Christmas party, hosted by Cliff and Jodi. We had a great time, lots of good food, great friends, a gift exchange, and lots of laughs!

Does she look guilty, or what?

Keenan helping himself to the goods!

Della and Keenan

Watching a movie in the guest room

Moriah hangin' with Jackson

Andrea, Kacey, Shannon and Wendi

Me and my girl

Jodi and Jackson

Tiff and Della

Moriah and Philip

Sweet baby Reagan

Shannon and her new baby, Christine

Me with a few of the girls (Sarah, Wendi, Jodi)

Sarah and I with Della and Keenan

This morning we brought my old doll stroller up from the basement again..

Moriah has grown a bit since she was in it last! =)


Mom W. said...

Love Keenan's tie, great match!! I see Jodi decided to try the snowflake...

Joia said...

Mom, actually I made the snowflake, but ended up Very unhappy with it - the glitter looked Amazing at first (making me wonder why I hadn't done it on All of mine), but the glue and glitter proved to be too heavy for the paper, and it ended up quite "droopy" =0/

Mom W.again said...

I wonder if you put a lollipop stick down the center of each "arm" if it would stabilize it...?

Joia said...

Hmmm... that's an idea...