Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in Review

Well, it seems like the "blog of the year idea" to do a picture post of the previous year. I know, I know, it was supposed to be done on the first day of the year, but I started this blog about a week ago, and am just now getting to it!

As you can imagine, it was INCREDIBLY hard for me to choose (from thousands) one picture from each month. Since that doesn't nearly even hit the high points of the year, I'm doing a brief written overview of the year first....

Last New Year's Eve =)

The year started off with my mom in town for a couple weeks to meet new baby Moriah and to help us out. Philip's Dad, his sister and her family also came, and then Mom, Jeff and Isaac came to visit, as well as a bunch of extended family! All in all, we had 17 family members come over the course of a week. My mom flew in from Canada, most drove up from Merritt Island, some visited on their way home to Missouri, and several made the drive down from Michigan (for a one day visit!!)

January 22nd, our dear friend and neighbor, Frank, passed away

January 24th, weekend visit from my brother, Andrew to meet Moriah

January 27th, my MOPS friends throw a fabulous baby shower for Moriah!

February 15th, celebrated Philip and Myrtle's birthdays (28 and 78) together at Boathouse Landing

February 18th, Philip gone to Texas for a week of C4 training

End of Feb, beginning of March we took a trip up to Ontario and Michigan for more family to meet Moriah. (Also had our last visit with Grandpa Eberts)

March 10, Keenan turned 2 and the amazing indoor trampoline entered our home!

April 3rd stayed in Orlando for a week while Philip had a conference. Got to see lots of Philip's family and took our first trip to Disney with kids!

April 8th, had our last visit with Grandma Taylor in Tampa before she went home to heaven.

April 18th, my oldest brother Tim, and his wife, Stephanie, welcomed their fourth beautiful daughter, Vivian Estelle into the world!

April 21st, did a funny picture post of the kids entitled "A trip to the Doctor", which turned out to be one of the most popular posts on this blog! =)

April 25th, went strawberry picking as a family

May 9th, Philip and I had a date night at a Sonic Flood concert on base - thanks, Wendi!

May 26th, I turned 28

May 30th, MOPS family picnic

June 9th, Grandma Taylor passed from this earth into Jesus' arms

June 11th, Grandpa Eberts went home to be with the Lord

June 12th, Myrtle came over and taught me how to make her amazing biscuits!

June 21st, Father's Day - brunch at the Officer's Club

June 23rd, Keenan started several weeks of swimming lessons

June 25th, Residency, year end formal banquet

July 1st, Canada Day! The first with three Canadians in our house!

July 3rd, fun family trip to the beach

July 4th - celebrated with John, Wendi and family!

July 11th, leave for a month in DC for Philip to do a Tropical Medicine Rotation
(did lots of fun stuff, parks, zoos, museums...)

July 27th - my brother Andrew, the kids and I leave DC to head up to Michigan and Ontario for a week and a half of visiting.

August 6th, return to DC, Andrew flies home and we drive back to Florida a couple days later

August 11th, Keenan's first trip to the dentist - it went great!

Sometime this month, we completed the "27$ makeover" of Moriah's room

August 25th, Ladies night at the Melting Pot (my first experience!)

August 26th, Dad Dooley comes to visit for a couple days

September 5th - another family trip to the beach (they are few and far between so rate a mention!)

September 10th, first MOPS meeting of '09/10, my first experience as Hospitality Coordinator

September 19th, Philip and I go to a formal "Dining Out" at the Officer's Club

September 21st, my brother Tim, his wife, Stephanie and their four girls come to visit for a few days on their way home to Mexico (the first time we'd seen each other in 13 months!)

September 25th - celebrated 5 awesome years of marriage!

September 26th, headed back to Orlando for a week spent with family, our friends, Rob and Sarah, and visits Disney, Sea World and Kennedy Space Center!

October 10th, annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch

October 12th, celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with Cliff, Jodi, Rob, Sarah and Della

October 18th, decided to see what the Mullet Festival was all about!

October 25th, attended the Fall Festival at the church we're going to

October 27th, my brother, Rob, and his wife welcomed their first born, Brayden Lukas into the world!

October 30th, went to our first Niceville football game

October 31st, Farm Day in the morning/afternoon - Halloween party at Rob and Sarah's in the evening

November 5th, went to the Fort Walton Beach fair

November 7th, Philip and I spent an amazing, kid free weekend in New Orleans for Kacey's wedding! Thank you, Vanessa!!!

November 14th, super fun joint first birthday party for Moriah and her friend, Chloe!

November 20th, Philip, Moriah and I headed to Vegas for a few days for Philip to interview at Nellis Air Force Base. Keenan got to hang with John, Wendi and the boys!

November 24th, Mom, Jeff and Isaac drive up for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving and early Christmas with us

December 1st, MOPS Steering Christmas party

December 2nd, Wifia pajama party/Cookie exchange at our house

December 6th, I went caroling with some friends from MOPS

December 7th, Christmas Parade!!

December 9th, discovered the "Amazing 3D Snowflake" =)

December 10th, our new camera arrived!

December 13th, Residency Christmas party at Cliff and Jodi's

December 17th, our "Itsy Bitsy, Teensie Weensie, Seriously, She's Not a Newborn Any More?" baby girl, turned One year old! Also had our own family Christmas this day.

December 19th, headed up north to Ontario and Michigan to celebrate Christmas with our families.

December 26th, Three Christmases later, we drive all the way home from Michigan in one day!

December 31st, celebrated New Year's at home with some good friends, with a spontaneous "chili and games night"

Whew! And that... was 2009!














Jessica said...

That is awesome! I am so thankful that you take the time to do this blog. It is a gift to me to be able to keep up with you guys when we rarely get to see each other. :) What a blessing to have for your kids too to have such a thorough and well-documented "scrapbook"!!! Love you guys and miss you. Happy New Year! Jessica and the boys

Mom W. said...

Wow that is a day full!!! I mean year full!! I think Vivian's Birthday is actually the 18th and don't forget Lukas with a "k" = ) This is quite the diary you have going here...! Love it!!!