Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good end to the year...

So far it's been a great last day of 2009. We got to "sleep in" this morning until almost 8:00! Philip didn't have to start clinic until 9, and the kids didn't wake up early (that might have something to do with Moriah's four wake ups in the night, but oh well).

Then we had pink pancakes for breakfast (at Keenan's request) before Philip headed in for a short day of work.

The kids and I braved the Commissary (why do I do that to myself? I always end up there on THE BUSIEST DAYS of the year!) Anyway, we got out of there relatively unscathed and have spent the afternoon (on this Beautiful warm day), getting ready for a small, impromptu "Chili and Game Night" New Year's Eve party with a few friends. Should be fun!

Didn't take time for many pictures today, just these little tasties that I made for tonight...

Put rolos or caramel kisses on pretzels...
Throw them in the oven (to melt them just enough to "squish")

...then pop a pecan on top and push it down!

Well, Happy New Year to all, see you in 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Six Years Ago Today... Amazing man asked me to marry him, and I said YES!

Here we are, a few years and three homes later, med school completed, Air Force residency coming to a close, thousands of miles traveled, joined by two precious children, and on the brink of a new stage in our lives.

Philip, thanks for asking... my life has been blessed, my horizons widened, my joy multiplied and my character strengthened because I chose to take this journey with you. I love you.

Unbelievable Generosity

We had Myrtle over for lunch today. I made chicken pot pie and she contributed some of her awesome sweet tea. It was really fun to have a "guest" in the middle of the week - We should definitely do this more often!

When she came over, she brought a Ton of stuff with her! Her niece, Julie (who I have met Once before) had bought a whole bunch of gifts for the kids. This has happened at least twice before (before we had ever met her!) Julie is a very generous person who just Loves to give gifts! The only thing I can figure is that, since she loves her aunt Myrtle so much, and Keenan and Moriah are Myrtle's "grandkids", she wants to bless them with gifts also! =)

Here are the beautiful gifts she got...

Keenan is Crazy about the Melody Express train! Depending on what order you put the colored tiles on the track, it will play different songs as it goes around the track! How cool!

This one is a little fuzzy, but I love it!

Moriah got this Gorgeous shirt and corduroy jumper

....and this adorable little sweater and leggings outfit

Another of Keenan's favorites is the Story Reader. It comes with seven books (Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, and Nemo). There are different cartridges that you insert into the system and then put the matching book in, and it reads the story and let's the child know when to turn the page!) I love it, too! =)

More gifts (the kids had never seen a jack in the box before!)

Keenan's cute new outfit

...and a pony for each!

Gifts from her in the past
(Baby Leap Frog Spelling Spider, Learning Town talking barn and animals and wooden activity toy, as well as three outfits from Carter's, Nike and Calvin Klein!)

W-O-W... is all I can say. Who does that??? I am totally overwhelmed. We owe soo much thanks to so many people this Christmas, I will be writing thank you's for a while.. =)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Couple things

Yesterday the kids got to spend some Christmas money from Great Grandma E. This is what they got:

We realized after this last trip that the duffel we'd been using for Moriah was getting pretty worn out. I was Thrilled at the opportunity to buy her a Pink one!
(She also got two adorable Strawberry Shortcake insulated cups)

Keenan got to pick out five characters from the Cars movie - he is Crazy about them!
(I know, I know, you're thinking... the kid has a million cars! BUT... these are "the main guys" from Cars and all have names!) =)

Today the kids and I had lunch with Jodi, Sarah and Della (a miniature wifia today) at Jodi's house. She had some awesome chili and Fantastic homemade pecan pie! Woohoo!

The weather has been Quite chilly lately, but warmed up a bit today... hoping for some slightly nicer weather so we can get back outside!

I think that's a curl! =0)

I took a couple girly pictures in Moriah's room just for fun today (this armoire normally holds our sheets and towels) =)

I wish I could leave it like this, but (sigh) we need the space...

Couple highlights from the day:

Myrtle saw us arrive home from Jodi's, so she popped over to see us (for the first time since we got home), to say hi, and to catch up. She was pretty "giddy" actually, and was excitedly telling me about some good deals she had got today. She apparently bought her first leather coat and cashmere shirt - woohoo! I don't know if she's putting herself back on the "market", but I told her that the men were going to be banging down her door now! =)

Keenan told me this afternoon, "I like you. You're so nice to me." =)

Totally loved the sound of both kids giggling in the bathtub tonight... sweetness...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Back into the groove...

It's been a pretty good start to a new week! Since we got home sooner than we expected to, we had all day yesterday to unpack and settle back in before starting back to normal life today. We are all really enjoying sleeping in our own beds, and Moriah has transitioned back to her crib (from the car seat) Really well!

This morning the kids and I went to the post office to pick up our accumulated mail, and then came home and sat by the Christmas tree to open it all. It was full of fun stuff! Pictures, cards, and even a Christmas parcel with gifts inside! =)

Here are a few random pictures:

Keenan's monster towel from Uncle Ty, Aunt Mary, Taylor and Davis

The back

Keenan has SO many cars, I thought it would be fun to lay them out and get a picture of him in the middle.. =)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas catch up picture post

Few pictures from the past few days that hadn't been posted yet:

Moriah fast asleep on Christmas Eve morning (I waited in the van with both kids for a while before they woke up to go in and see the family at Uncle Ron and Aunt Maryanne's

I just love the angle of this one =)

Cutie playing with Maddy's toys

Keenan Loved Maddy's rocking horse!

Moriah gave it a try too

Just an interesting focus shot

Moriah playing Aunt Mary's piano =)


One of Aunt Mary and Uncle Ty's gorgeous trees

(Philip, Me, Megan, Davis, Bridget
Emma, Liam and Taylor)

Philip and his Dad

Hilarious shot of Grandma operating Davis' new Nerf machine gun! =)

Megan, Emma, Me

Philip and I before gift opening

Moriah up from her nap, making her grand appearance =)
(Adorable pink sparkly shoes were a gift from Mark and Rebekah!)

Center of attention
(At least until Keenan woke up!)

With Emma

Being silly with Daddy

The Gorgeous table Aunt Mary set!

Uncle Ty slicing into the (heavenly) prime rib

We are still far from unpacked today, but I decided to get pictures of the kid's gifts before they all went to their places... We have been SO blessed once again!

Keenan's gifts

Moriah's gifts

We're HOME!!!

Running on adrenaline, fast food, Cherry Coke and Starburst jelly beans, we decided to push through and drive all the way home tonight! We pulled in our own sweet driveway at 11:59 pm! Woohoo!

Kudos to Philip who did ALL the driving while I was on "kid duty" in the back. The kids did Amazingly, and we are soo happy to be home, and in our own beds, instead of getting home later today in the afternoon!

Goodnight! =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Ready to head home...

It has been another fun, whirlwind day with family, more Amazing food and great gifts! All total, there were 24 people here today for the afternoon and Christmas dinner. We had a great time getting to see family that we don't get to see enough of, and Keenan ran his cousins ragged, he played so hard! =)

Unfortunately, Aunt Mary, our hostess came down with something and has been sick all day, stuck in her room, not even able to visit with family, or eat any of the awesome food she has spent the last days and weeks preparing! =0/

We plan to head out in the morning as soon as we get up (the van is already packed with 90% of our stuff). Please pray that we will have safe travel, happy kids and make great time! G'night!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Today has been another fun day. We headed over to Uncle Ron and Aunt Maryann's house this morning to visit them (we missed Uncle Ron,but got to see a bunch of other family while we were there).

From there we went to Anthony and Melissa's for brunch. They are such great friends that any trip to Michigan just wouldn't be right without seeing them. =) It was great to visit and catch up and watch our kids play together. Oh, and the "monkey bread" (google it if you've never had it) was AMAZING!!

In the afternoon we came back to Aunt Mary's house and put the kids down for naps. This evening, while some of the family was out, we hung out here with Dad, and had some amazing take out from Chili's!

I can't believe it's Christmas tomorrow! Maybe it's partly because it seems to come faster every year, or because it will be our Fifth celebration this year! Wow!

Here are just a couple pictures from today...

Moriah checking out Bella

Sweet Madelaine

Our two families together =)

Goodnight to all, and to all a goodnight! =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trying to stay current...

We are back in Michigan! We sure hated to say goodbye to my family in London this afternoon.. =0/ The visits are always too short..

We had a good drive and great border crossing. We got settled in at Aunt Mary's and then had a short visit with Mom, Jeff and Isaac this evening at a friend's house, since they are in town until tomorrow.

A few more pictures...

Keenan playing with Uncle Mark's train

Moriah loved the Uno Attack machine! =)

Rebekah is an Amazing hostess and always has a gorgeous table!

Third celebration of Moriah's birthday! =)

Rob and his boy

We had a good drive back to Michigan... Keenan was totally stoked to get back to all the trucks in Aunt Mary's basement!

Mom and Jeff are in town, so we went and had a visit with them this evening at their friend's house...

Moriah and Grandpa Jeff

The dudes eating pizza

A fun picture of Mom and Moriah

We got to get a picture of us on the swing that we got engaged on back in 2003, on December 30th...

The four of us (I accidentally uploaded one that wasn't so great, oops!)

A slightly more crowded kiss than back in 2003!

Then we made a super awesome Tim Horton's stop on the way back to Aunt Mary's... Woohoo!