Friday, November 6, 2009

Woohoo, New Orleans!

We are getting ready for our first trip to New Orleans! In the morning we are leaving the kids with my friend, Vanessa and her family, and heading to New Orleans for the wedding of Kacey, one of Philip's fellow residents! We will be back Sunday.

We (well, mostly I) have been looking forward to this weekend for forever... I'm so excited! Seeing New Orleans, going to a (super awesome) wedding with most of our best Eglin friends, and not having to worry about little ones.

This trip will be different for us in a few ways (some of these make me sad):

1. It is only the second night since Keenan was born that we have been away from him.
2. It will be the first time we have spent a night away from Moriah.
3. It will be the first time since Keenan's birth that we've got to spend a night in a hotel without kids! (The hotel looks pretty awesome, too!)

Here are some random pictures of Moriah tonight:

She just figured out the (still fun for me because it's brand new) game of "throwing toys out of the tub and having Mommy toss them back in" game tonight. =)

She also stood up in the tub for the first time!

Very proud of her latest achievement

Smug look as Keenan comes to check it out

Love those eyes!

It reminds me a little of this picture of Keenan from a little while ago...

Keenan at about 12.5 months

Caught in the act of toy throwing...

Yellow ring...

green ring...

...and pushing over the shampoo bottles!

Funny "after bath" hair

More Keenan funnies:

A few days ago we noticed some wild mushrooms growing in our side yard. Today when we went out, we didn't see them anymore. Keenan said, "Where did dey go?" I said, "I don't know, they must have died off." He said, "Maybe dey will die back on!"

In the Veggie Tales opening song there is a line that says "If you like to talk to tomatoes..." Keenan's version is "If you like to talk to Mr. Potato.." another line is ".... up and down the produce aisle..." When Keenan sings it, it's "up and down the cwose you smile..." lol

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Mom W. said...

Yay, Moriah has hair, a little anyway. No teeth yet??

Have a great time in New Orleans - wish we were the babysitters.