Friday, November 20, 2009

Vegas trip picture catch up

Finally got some time on the laptop to upload some pictures from the last couple of days...

Sonic in the airport!
(The prices were certainly higher!)

Philip thought we should get one of me with my Sonic and the plane in the background

Philip and Moriah chillin'

Checkin' out the planes outside

Philip got some cool shots out the window of the plane..

He calls this the "Advertisement for Southwest" one

Grand Canyon!

We were so blessed to stay in Matt and Anne's Beautiful home with them and their four sweet girls, Kristin, Abby, Emma and Meghan! I meant to get a family picture of them, but never did!

Moriah and Meghan are only a month apart in age, so they had a good time playing together.

Moriah and her new buddy

Another buddy, Scruffy

Enjoying a tasty strawberry popsicle with Mommy!

After Philip finished with his interview and he and Matt got back from base, we left to meet up with Uncle Bob and Debra.

Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen - soo good!

In the atrium at the Bellagio
(They decorate it for every season and it's Beautiful!)

This tree talked!

World's Largest Chocolate Fountain!
(Two tonnes of chocolate pour through here!)


AMAZING blown glass chandelier in the lobby of the Bellagio!

Paris hotel

Moriah got in a nice snooze
(while we all took turns carrying her around since we forgot the stroller!)

Debra, Uncle Bob and Philip (waiting for the fountains to start)

Love this one!


Mom W. said...

Beautiful, is it cold, you all seem to be garbed pretty warmly?

Anonymous said...

the Bellagio is where we stayed when we went to Vegas! All of them are really something to see! Looks like you had fun!
Take care!

Mom E said...

So pretty. That chandelier was amazing and the chocolate fountain...oh my! Love, Mom