Friday, November 27, 2009

This morning, Mom, Jeff and Isaac were up pretty bright and early and out (into the cooold!) to snag some Black Friday deals. The kids and I just hung out and Keenan had some good "down time" before they returned (bearing some fun stuff, including awesome Christmas pajamas for me!) this afternoon.

Philip and I went out this afternoon and got a few things ourselves (including a new comforter for our bed that I'm so excited to put on!)

Our Christmas cards came in the mail today, so that was fun - can't wait to get them sent out!

Keenan with his new, super huge transport truck full of cars!

Practicing her Mommy skills =)
Now, which end is supposed to be up??

We've got a ways to go!

Isaac presenting his science project to Philip and Keenan =)

Keenan trying out his new squeezable paint brushes!

Uncle Isaac making a masterpiece

An O___ S___ picture for Grandpa

Isaac and Moriah with her new ball popper toy from Grandpa and Grandma

Family heads home in the morning and Philip will be home for the weekend... One week of nights down!


Mom W. said...

Love Moriah's mommy skills... Sounds like you have all had a wonderful time. Hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

Well you were certainly right about making up for the lack of pictures at the beginning of the week! I've meant to say that every day and am just getting around to it now! Looks like you all had an awesome time! Not to be selfish, but we can hardly wait for you guys to cone up HERE and start our family time! Love you all so much and CAN'T wait to see you.
PS- I also love the picture of Moriah wondering which way is up :)