Friday, November 13, 2009

Not feelin' it...

..the party spirit, that is. Moriah and I are feeling pretty crummy today, but are sure hoping we're feeling better tomorrow!

I feel like... If I didn't have kids (and didn't have birthday cakes to decorate), I would still be in bed. As it is, (at 2:15), I'm still in my pajamas, because I just feel so yucky. I've had a cough/cold for a few days that has gotten pretty bad, paired with weird body aches, weakness and feeling hot and cold all the time (no fever, though).

My only goal today is to get the cakes done, and so far I've gotten them all baked, and the two main ones iced as well! Each of the girls will have a heart shaped cake, as well as a smaller "put your fingers in it" cake. There is also cupcakes in each flavor - German Chocolate and French Vanilla (very international flavors we have going on!) =)

I'm not exactly sure what's up with Moriah, she just feels miserable. She has a cough and cold as well and pretty much spends her waking time just crying, unless she's being played with or held. Philip listened to her last night with his stethoscope and also checked her ears and everything seemed to be fine, but I might take her to the doctor later this afternoon, in case an ear infection has popped up or something.

Yesterday when we got home from the wifia lunch =)

Keenan has been my little trooper today. "Helping" me mix the cakes and icing, and sampling the goods as they came out of the oven, as well as licking off the beaters. He's also done well at playing by himself, or entertaining Moriah so I can work in the kitchen.

I looked over and caught him licking the beaters still on the mixer!

Chocolate face

Andrea called me a couple days ago with some fun news. They had just received Chloe's birthday package in the mail from Erik's grandparents. Along with several outfits, she found two "birthday" onesies, exactly the same. At first, she thought they must have made a mistake and accidentally sent two, but then she noticed that the tag on one of them said this:

How sweet is that???

I didn't show the shirt yet, because the girls will be wearing them at the party tomorrow - they are soo cute! =)

Well, I should make the most of my time while the kids are finishing up their naps... I've got cakes to finish, and the "aftermath" in the kitchen to clean up. =)


Mom W. said...

Praying, praying, praying.... OXOXO

Mom E said...

I'm playing catch up so I think you actually are feeling better by now. Have to look at the b'day party post next, but wanted to say that pic of Keenan licking the beaters was SO darn cute!