Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last of the Vegas pictures

Today has been fairly busy, settling back in, unpacking, buying groceries, running errands etc...

Philip starts two weeks of nights tomorrow, and Tuesday evening Mom, Jeff and Isaac roll into town for Thanksgiving/Christmas! Hopefully we'll see more than a tiny bit of Philip while they're here...

Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip to Vegas (these were all taken on Friday):

Moriah on a sheepskin at Uncle Bob's

Hoover Dam

We started the day off with a drive to see the Hoover Dam. Definitely worth seeing!

My first view of the dam

Philip and I on the dam

Beautiful Lake Mead
(The white line on the rock is from when the water was at it's highest point, in 1983. Lake Mead is currently only 43% full!)

Another view

Looking waaay down on the other side!

Me with a cool sculpture

Doesn't this look like it's in the middle of nowhere?
It's actually right beside one of the main walkways (I cropped out a fire hydrant and the sidewalk!) =)

Uncle Bob and Philip
Bridge under construction near the dam, quite the feat of engineering!

Family picture on the dam

Motor City Coney Island

For lunch, on the way home from the dam, Uncle Bob took us to this cool little place he had discovered in Henderson. It's run by people originally from Michigan, who wanted to bring some "Michigan favorites" to the area. (Mom E, you would have Loved this place!) You can get super yummy coney dogs, "Vernor's" pop, and "Better Made" chips! It was a really neat place with Tons of stuff on display from the Tigers, the Wolverine's the Red Wings, the Lions, etc...


Inside the diner

Moriah's first Better Made chip!

I even put our names on the wall with the thousands of others!

The four of us

"The House"

After lunch, Uncle Bob took us see the Amazing house where Debra works... this place was off the hook! (Like nothing I'd ever seen before!) I took Way more pictures than are posted here, but here are my favorite parts of the house:

Front of the house

The room that you walk into from the front door
(The ceiling was at least 20 ft high!)

The pool was the prettiest I had ever seen!

Balcony and pool

Look at that view!

Moriah snoozin' in the lap of luxury

The eight seat home theatre

Another view of the great room

There are two separate upstairs areas, one is the Master "wing", and the other (with separate stairs on the other side of the house), are the Guest quarters.

The Master area includes a spa, work out room, laundry room, bathroom, two Huge walk in closets, master bedroom suite, and a tv room.

The bathroom was Gorgeous!
(Huge jacuzzi tub, steam room/shower, and his and hers "toilet rooms")

Part of the Master Suite (the carpet was Amazing!)

View out onto the Huge balcony from the Master Suite

Looking down into the great room and lounge

Their closets were crazy!! They were separated by an area with a huge three way mirror. Each one was big enough to be a bedroom, had rack upon rack of clothes (hung in order of color), and they each (yes, even the guy) had a whole "shoe section" with close to 100 pairs of shoes each!

The Guest quarters includes a recreation room, called "The 19th Hole", it has a spiral staircase that comes right up from the backyard so the guys can come up after playing golf and hang out, have some drinks, play pool, etc. and not worry about taking their shoes off.
There is also a Guest Master suite, and three guest bedrooms (all with their own bathrooms).

Two story library

By the front door as we left

As we left, Philip said, "I was going to say.. So that's how the other half live, but it's really more like the other half Percent!"

Chocolate Factory

We headed back to Uncle Bob's, hung out for a few hours, and then he, Philip and I left (while Debra watched Moriah) to go see the lights at the "Ethel M Chocolates Shoppe" and tour the chocolate factory. (Oh ya, we also got some free samples! Yum!)

Pretty Christmas lights

Some of the delicious looking wares
(Oh, Wendi...)

Cool chocolate sculpture!

Love it!

Another cool sculpture

Good idea!

Back outside in the cactus garden

Rat Pack

Next, we were off to the see "Rat Pack" show downtown! Debra got us free ($50!) tickets to the show because she is friends with one of the investors. Cool!

Outside before the show started

It was an excellent show and we had a great time! It was incredible how much the actors Really looked like the real guys!!

On our way back to the car, we stopped and watched the show on Freemont Street. In the picture below, you can see the "Viva Vision" canopy above us. It towers 90 feet above the ground and spans the length of five football fields. Costing over $70 million it, features more than 12 million LED modules and a 555,000-watt sound system. Pretty cool to see!

Ready to head home after a long, busy day!

Our travel home all went well, but the last few hours on the road felt like Forever, since we were so anxious to get home to Keenan! He was happy to see us, but not as happy as we were to see him! =) It's been so great spending time with him all day today!

***I just have to take a minute and commend Wendi and John for caring for Keenan for Four days for us! We felt So at peace, knowing he was with them, being so well taken care of, and having soo much fun! Wendi is amazing - Every day she would update me by phone when I called, as well as sending a detailed email about the day's events, how Keenan's night had been, how long he napped, funny things he did and said, and how he was doing without us. Not only that, she also included pictures and Video! Is that awesome or what?? It was always a highlight of the day for us to read her email and see the pictures and video and get some good chuckles out of knowing what our little guy had been up to. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wendi, John, Isaac and Elijah!!!


Mom W. said...

Wow, what a house, I would hate to have to clean it, is no one living there right now??

I know someone who would love to climb/rapelle (sp?) off that dam...

Interesting trip... and now back to reality??? how the other more than half lives. Hope you all have a great Am. Thanksgiving. Maybe I should celebrate it too.

Rachel and Hans said...

wow! that house is unbelievable! glad you had a great trip.

Mom E said...

Judy, yes, you should celebrate it too and embrace your American heritage. :-)
Joia, amazing photos once again! And you are right about the Motown place. I would Love it for sure!
And thanks to Wendi and John for taking such good care of my grandson. :-)
Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Don't kill yourself trying to clean or whatever. It's just us! lol.

Anonymous said...

wow that house was awsome! When i went to las Vegas back in 2005 i think maybe 2006 they were starting that bridge by the damn! I thought that maybe it would be done by now! It is definitly something to see though! Ilike how you can step to the side and be in a different time zone haha! Great pictures! looks like you guys had a lot of fun! takecare!

Flakymn said...

Thanks for trusting us with your little boy! We had a great time.