Monday, November 2, 2009

Just stuff...

The kids and I just can't seem to stay completely healthy these days... We're all sporting cough/cold combos again. Not sure if it has anything to do with the time we spent in the cool/rainy weather on Saturday or not. Anyway, I'm just sick of being sick!

At least the weather is really nice, so we can still see friends at outdoor gatherings! =)

Philip and I watched 2/3 of "Citizen Cane" last night. It's supposedly (according to the American Film Institute) "the best movie of all time". I don't know... unless the ending is AMAZING, I have to disagree!! Any thoughts, opinions on this movie (without spoiling the ending)?

Yesterday was a pretty laid back day here at home, and I hardly had the camera out. Here's a couple pictures from last night:

Funny hair in the tub

How we found Keenan when we went in to look at him before we went to bed last night
(We do this almost every night, because he just looks so sweet and innocent when he's sleeping)

We've had a pretty busy day. We went to the Commissary and the BX this morning. Home for lunch and naps (Myrtle brought me over a hot, fresh bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup!).

Then we headed out to drop a (very overdue) thank you card off at Sonic, drop Keenan's nebulizer off at the medical supply place, went to Wendy's to use our FREE junior Frosty coupons, went Christmas/post Halloween shopping at Wal-Mart (where I heard "Deck the Halls"!, and then picked up some baby clothes from Andrea's house.

Then we came home and made our own mini pizzas for supper!

Keenan with his junior Frosty (they're so tiny and cute!)

Moriah enjoying some of mine

Makin' mini pizzas...

Spreading the sauce

... putting on the cheese (Keenan did all the steps by himself!)

Ready to eat!

Little Miss "Gets into Everything" =)

Keenan funnies:

When we went to the Fall Festival at church last Sunday, I got out of the van and opened the sliding door on Keenan's side before we realized we were parked a little too close to the car next to us. Both kids were still buckled in and I didn't bother to close Keenan's door while Philip backed up, moved over a little and pulled back in. Keenan looked at us in disbelief and said, "That was Not Safe!!"

On our way to the Halloween party on Saturday, Keenan said "I have a boogie!" I looked back and he was holding his index finger up in the air, so I passed him a Kleenex. He passed it back and said, "Say Ewww!" So I said, "Ewww, Philip look at that Huge boogie!" (It was actually pretty tiny). Philip said, "Wow, Keenan, I don't know how you could Breath with that thing in your nose!" Keenan replied, "It's been bothering me for Two Days!!" =)

Last night, Keenan was sitting beside Philip, eating a (fresh out of the oven) brownie. I asked him if he'd like to share a piece with Philip. He said "No, it's too crunchy for Daddy!" Then he dropped a piece on the floor, picked it up, offered it to Philip and said, "Here, you can have this one, I dropped it". Nice guy! =)

He woke up a little early from his nap, and I asked him if his cough woke him up. He said "No". I said, "What woke you up?" He said, "Something just caught my 'tention". Where did he come up with that??


Mom W. said...

Between Keenan, Shaelyn and Kyla these grandparents are being kept in stitches. What next?

Rachel and Hans said...

Oh he's too cute! Love the funny comments!

The Woodford's said...

We laughed and laughed at Keenan's funny sayings! Too hilarious! =)
Love you all,

Flakymn said...

I taught Citzen Kane in my film class ... here´s the thing. It is "suppsedly" the greatest movie ever because of how "advanced" it was for its time. It was way ahead of the curve with lighting and the scope of scenes. But the movie itself, I don´t think you will be blown away. I wasn´t. It´s worth watching I think but you won´t fall in love. At least I didn´t. And either did my students.

Flakymn said...

Keenan is HILARIOUS!!!

Mom E said...

Oh my, Keenan is hysterical! Can't wait to see him again. And so funny that he was sleeping completely sideways in his bed! I did this with all my kids...I'd sneak in when they were asleep and just watch them for awhile, and say prayers over them. I loved how they looked so innocent and peaceful.