Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party!

Rob and Sarah hosted another great Halloween party at their house this year!
There's always a contest and it's really fun to see what everyone dresses up as! People really stepped it up in the costume department this year!

I was at a loss for what to do and had finally decided maybe I'd go as a "60's Flower Child", but then came across a pair of black vinyl pants at Goodwill, and it all changed... I would be a Biker Chick! Wendi's awesome neighbor graciously loaned me an Awesome Harley Davidson helmet to complete my look!

Not how your typically accustomed to seeing me on here, huh? =)

Tatoos and all

"Wifia" tatoo
(Don't mess with me)

On our way to the party from where we parked at John and Wendi's
(Philip isn't really into dressing up but decided to go as "himself in high school")

Tiff, Matt, Reagan and William
(characters from "Peter Pan")

"The Teenager" and his little fairy

Shannon (the hilarious pregnant nun) and Joe, the priest

Tiff and sleepy Tinker Bell

Scary mad scientist, Jodi!

Andrea, Erik, Chloe and Jonathan

"I think that's Chloe inside that Peep suit!"

Our family =)

Rob, Sarah and Della
(all characters from "Dora")

Brandon, Christopher, Sophie and Brittny

Trick or Treating!

Keenan didn't really "get it" last year, but he sure did this year! =)

"Garth Bear" as Daddy called her =)

Little Care Bear in Daddy's jacket

The whole (adult) group (Keenan snuck in at the last minute!

Goofy one

The biker and her much younger boyfriend =)

Matt was the winner for best male costume in the contest and Jodi and I tied for the best female

What a great night with good friends! =)


Jessica said...

oh my gosh, hilarious! I think the funniest thing of all is that Philip looks exactly the same as he did in high school-exactly! You guys are fun. Love you!

Anonymous said...

p.s. the kids are adorable as always!! Jessica

Mom W. said...

Good costume Joia, Jodi's is amazing!!! Love the fairy!

Where did you get the black vest??

Mom E said...

Well you Know I Love the biker chick costume and I thought the same thing as Jessica, that Philip looks exactly the same. And the kids were adorable as well!!

Anonymous said...

And Joia looks like Tim!