Saturday, November 7, 2009

Goodnight from New Orleans...

I am relaxing on our hotel bed, in my pj's, wearing one of those soft, white "waffle robes" they offer. We just got in a while ago from the wedding celebration - what a great time we had!

The kids (last I heard) are having a GREAT time with Vanessa, Bill, Tucker and Vivian and likely don't miss us at all... =) It's such a relief, knowing they are in such good hands.

We got to New Orleans around 1, parked, and then walked around for a while, took a kajillion pictures, grabbed some lunch and just enjoyed being with each other without watching two little ones.

Late afternoon, we checked into our hotel, changed for the wedding, met up with our friends and headed over to the New Orleans Board of Trade for the wedding. It was gorgeous (many pictures to come in the next few days) and the reception was sooo much fun! I am exhausted, so am heading to bed. Goodnight!

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Mom E said...

Has Ida been affecting you at all? Been praying for you all. Love,Mom