Sunday, November 8, 2009

Glimpse of New Orleans

When we got to New Orleans yesterday, most of our friends had been there overnight all ready and were away from the hotel when we arrived. That was okay though, we spent the next couple of hours, strolling around some of the city, "seeing what we could see". It is Such an interesting and diverse city, and is a "picture taker's paradise!" I was in my element!

Here are a few pictures of our "taste of New Orleans"...

On the way to New Orleans

This caught my eye at an old movie theatre

I love the fire escape and the colors of the buildings

A windy picture by "The Mighty Miss"

I apparently committed a faux pas here by taking his picture without leaving a tip and I didn't have any cash! =0/

We didn't ride any, but I think they're really cool!

Handsome guy I was with

We saw a lot of second stories decorated this way

We were told this was a "must visit" in New Orleans =)
(Cafe Du Monde is best known for it's French-style "beignets", a pastry made from deep fried dough and sprinkled with powdered sugar.)

A chalk drawing I saw while we were waiting in line at Cafe Du Monde
(I didn't know this, but Philip informed me, it's a famous picture entitled "The Kiss in Time Square", here's the photo below...)

That Sailor is pretty happy to see his girl!

Such talent!

Eating the beignets in Jackson Square - yummy but sooo messy!

I like how this one shows the high rises in the distance and the colorful, eclectic homes and business in the foreground

What I might like to ride if I really Was a biker chick.. =)

Some beautiful, old architecture next to our hotel

Our hotel - The International House

I just happened to look up as we were walking to the hotel and thought this was cool

...and my favorite picture of the day, encompassing several elements of "The Big Easy" in one...

A saxophone player silhouetted in front of a steamboat passing by on the Mississippi

* Pictures of the wedding still to come...


Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed the donuts! I remember when I had them - they just give you a bag of icing sugar and then you try and find the pastry -soooooo good and fresh!!

Mom W. said...

Looks fun...

Mom E said...

Jeff brought me home some Cafe Du Monde French Roast coffee and the Beignet mix when he was in New Orleans last. Too bad you don't drink coffee. I'll bring that and the beignet mix anyway when we come, and maybe we can try our hand at making them. =0)
Love, Mom E

Shambach's said...

What do you use to edit your photos - I love the pics.

Aunt Heather said...

Hey, they've got street cars in Toronto you know!

We used to get a similar pastry in Chicago at Bagel Nosh called a Fragel.

Vanessa S said...

Love the chalk drawing and photo of "The Kiss". I've been viewing that photo for as long as I can remember. In fact, I was always convinced that that couple was my grandparents. He was a sailor in WWII and she was a nurse. Plus the photo looks just like them! They're passed away now, but that picture always gives me a warm feeling and a nice memory of them. Thanks for posting.