Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free night at the Fair!

We went to the fair this evening and didn't spend a dime! Tonight was free admission for all military, so we got in, (with our friends, Brandon, Brittny, Christopher and Sophie) watched the free circus, looked at the animals and some cool antique stuff and came home, without paying a dime! =)

First, a couple pics from when Philip got home last night:

I LOVE this!

Silly girl

The kids weren't exactly into this picture, but it's the only one we have of all four of us

Moriah and I waiting for the circus to start

Keenan couldn't take his eyes off the elephants

The circus was... okay. They had seven big cats (beautiful lions and tigers) do some stuff first, but we weren't really very impressed with the way the trainers handled them (there seemed to be a lot more "teasing" and swatting with the whip than in other shows we had seen). There was also a little girl who did some acrobatic stuff, a cute dog stunt, some juggling, and a family who did an elephant show.

Yet another interesting use for an empty Luvs diaper box! =)

These (day old, I think) chicks were soo cute!
(I love Sophie's little finger too!)

Ah, me and my Coke...

Adventures in the outhouse:

Keenan selecting a good page out of the Sears catalogue to uh,... you know

Deciding to give the ole' corn cob method a try instead
(No privacy offered here!)

With some help from his friends, he's all done, let's get out of here!

Fun shot of the "retro looking" fair poster

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Mom W. said...

I bet the kids at the fair were the best entertainment of all!!! I would think so anyway. Cute picture of the kids with Philip.