Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eleven Months Old and headed to Vegas! =)

I just remembered an hour ago that Moriah turned eleven months old today! She'll be celebrating by taking her first flight tomorrow and spending a few days in Vegas! =) Actually, the three of us are headed that way so Philip can interview at Nellis Air Force base, not to party the week away. =)

We'll be dropping Keenan off soon and then heading to New Orleans where we'll spend the night before flying out in the morning. We'll be staying tomorrow night with a couple (and their four girls) who were here at Eglin when we got here and then graduated and moved to Nellis. Thursday and Friday nights we'll be staying with Philip's Uncle Bob! Should be a lot of fun!

I anticipate being able to blog every day, so you'll get regular updates on our adventures!

Here's a couple pictures of our pretty girl:

Dress, compliments of Wendi!


Gr'ma E said...

Happy 11 mos. b'day baby girl! Love you, Grandma E.

Gr'ma E said...

p.s. that's Gr'ma E not Great Gr'ma E. ;-)

Mom W. said...

Nice pictures of Moriah, is she feeling better yet, still sleeping a lot??

Erica said...

Cute dress!! I like the paisley! Good job, Wendi! :)

Brittny said...

isn't vegas where people like to go for their first b'day? or is it their 21st? i get them confused. party on little lady!!!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

WOW! How cute is she? I wondered if you were gone. I just peeked at Wendi's blog. Guess I mark off "return puzzle to Joia" on today's TO DO LIST. Will get it to you when you return! Thanks for loaning it out...my children LOVED it, as we studied YOUR country!