Sunday, November 15, 2009

A breath of fresh air...

The weather was absolutely Gorgeous today (74 degrees), so the kids and I got out and went for a walk. The fresh air was good for us and made sure that we all took Great naps this afternoon!

Moriah's little body is doing it's best to sleep away her sickness.. she slept 11.5 hours last night, was awake for two hours, took a two hour nap, was awake for two hours and took a two and a half hour nap! She now has an ear infection and is still feeling rotten, your prayers for good health to return to our house are greatly appreciated!

Reading some of Moriah's new books last night

A funny picture I took of Moriah through a paper towel roll

Keenan ended up in the stroller towards the end of our walk
(Moriah didn't seem to mind!)

The kids with some pretty palms

Smiley girl

On the walk home, Moriah was very sweet and cuddled up to Keenan!

Playing with her new tea set from Rob, Sarah and Della!
(Also wearing her new birthday outfit from John and Wendi! Love it!)

I gave Keenan a (very overdue) haircut this afternoon and decided to try the electric clippers on him for the first time...

Showing a sneak peek of his new haircut...

...and the whole thing

Don't panic. His curls will come back, we won't necessarily keep it this short, it was just an experiment! =) I think he looks so much older!

We have a Very busy next couple days ahead of us as we get ready for our trip, and company arriving a few days after we get home....It will be an exciting Thanksgiving/Early Christmas celebration!

Oh, one funny thing Keenan said today... We were talking about his upcoming stay with John and Wendi and the boys (and Scrubs), while Philip and I and Moriah are in Vegas. We were talking about Scrubs and he said, "I like Scrubs - he always smiles and he's a good boy and listens to his Mommy!" (I think Wendi might debate that!) LOL!


Mom W. said...

His girls will come back...? LOL Oh you meant his curls... = )

He is looking so grown up...!

Joia said...

Ha ha! Mom, not sure how that happened! It's fixed now! =)

Mom W. said...

Whew, too young for girls... I love the one of Moriah down the paper towel tube, original idea, so cute, all of you.

Flakymn said...

Love the outfit.

And yes, I debate that fully!