Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birthday Party!!

The joint party for Moriah and Chloe went really well today! What a blessing that was, since the day did Not get off to the ideal start...

I had a rough night (was awake, coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, and worrying about party details for Three hours, and then just as I got to sleep, Moriah woke up. I was up with Keenan once after that, and then up at 6:30). Moriah woke up feeling miserable, and Philip left quite early to work at a free clinic (scheduled months ago and he couldn't be cancel, or they'd be short on doctors). I was exhausted and overwhelmed and burst into tears when he left. =0/ I wasn't sure we were even going to be able to make it to the party with how things stood at that point...

Keenan was very sweet and comforting, and things did brighten up a bit as I got showered, Moriah took a nap, and I was able to get things organized and into the van for the party.
My great friend, Wendi, showed up early at the park to help me decorate, followed shortly by her husband John, as well as Philip (who made several trips home to get things I forgot!). Andrea (who had also had a rough night and morning) and I were soo appreciative of all the help we had to get things decorated before the rest of the guests came!

Okay, on with the good news... The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and we were blessed to have snagged the last available pavilion at the park before the place completely filled up (there were at least Four different parties going on at the same time!)

Chloe and Moriah looked adorable, the older kids had a Great time, playing on the playground (and in the water, as later pictures will show), we had lots of good food, and everybody seemed to have a good time! The pictures will tell the rest of the story... (Thanks to Wendi for a Bunch of these!)

Woohoo! It's actually here! We have had So much fun planning this party!

"Baby Zone"
(None of them are walking yet and we didn't want them crawling on the nasty ground!)

Chloe and Elijah

Moriah in her own pack'n'play, keeping her germs at a distance

The food table (it was a bit breezy)

The cakes and cupcakes
(Decorated to match the girl's outfits)

The treat bags

Andrea and I and our birthday girls
(How cute are their onesies from Erik's grandparents??)

I love this shot Wendi got of all the guys (big and little) down by the water!

Isaac lovin' the chips!

The "big brothers" chowin' down some pizza

Della's thinking, "Boys... no manners!"

Wendi took this Gorgeous shot of baby Reagan!

John and Wendi with Isaac and Elijah
(I love how "real" this picture is!)

Chloe and her bud, Jackson

Philip and I

Keenan (after getting a little too close to the water and tripping and falling in!)

Happy girl having some pizza
(In her birthday bib!)

Pretty presents

Time for birthday hats!
(I love how Chloe is so intent on getting hers off, and Moriah looks completely bored!)

With her little cake
"Um, what am I supposed to do with it?"

Both girls with their cakes

Keenan trying to help Moriah blow out her candle.. I ended up doing it =)

She went right in!

"Am I really allowed to do this?"

(Yes, she did have a piece of birthday cake!)

She and I with her "real" cake

Philip and I with our soon to be one year old!

Present time!
(There is Nothing more fun than opening baby girl presents!)
When I was looking at these pictures later, I said to Philip, "Andrea and I were like two kids in a candy shop, weren't we?" He said, "Ya, you would have thought it was Your birthdays, not the babies!" =)

One of the super cute books from Matt and Tiff

"My heart belongs to Daddy" (from John and Wendi)
I Love this onesie! The last time Moriah had one like this...

...she was one month old!

Keenan helping unwrap some a really cute stacking toy from our friend, Brooke!

Moriah Immediately snuggled this adorable elephant from Robin! =)

Keenan (with his goofy "cheese" face) totally Stoked to Finally have his treat bag!
(He's been looking forward to actually getting it for a long time!)

All that partying tuckers a girl out!

She was soo tired, she just flopped on my shoulder when I took her out of her seat!

Sweet dreams, sweet birthday girl

These weren't in any of the pictures from the park, but I think they're so cute!

Moriah's awesome gifts!

Thank you, thank you to all our special friends who came and celebrated this special occasion in our girl's lives! We had a blast, hope you did too! =)

Philip just made an "emergency run" to buy more Kleenex because we only had a couple left! That would mean disaster for me! =) He also brought back McFlurries... =)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm SO GLAD you were able to go! Looks like everyone had an awesome time and you got tons of super cute pictures! Good job on the planning; everything looked beautiful! I especially loved the birthday hats :)

Wish we could have been there!

Love you lots,

PS- Happy early birthday Moriah!

Mom W. said...

Praise the Lord for answered Prayer!!!!! Lovely, all of it.

Rachel and Hans said...

So fun! You are amazing with those cakes...seriously...come up here and teach me!!

Feel better.

Mom E said...

Oh Joia, you are simply amazing! Loved the cakes, the decorations, the treat bags...everything so pretty and so creative. Can't wait to celebrate her b'day again when we're there. :-) Love, Mom E