Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to nights...

Philip is back at the night schedule for another week. I have to say, last week was Amazing! He got just enough sleep at work that he only needed a few hours when he got home, so we got to see him for a good chunk of the day every day before he headed back to work! I'm really hoping that trend continues this week!

We've had a good day... I made meals for a couple friends this morning, then we took a walk to the post office to buy some stamps for Christmas cards (I can't keep up with Canadian postage, it seems like it goes up every week!)
Next we had lunch, then it was time for naps. After naps, we went on base to deliver one of the meals, and stopped at the hospital to take Philip dinner.
On the way home, we stopped to look at some pretty Christmas lights, and then ended up driving all over town, turning down random streets whenever we saw more!
Dinner was next and then it was play, play, play until bath time! We danced to music, played with cars, raced motorcycles, colored with chalk, lay with our heads under the Christmas tree, looking at the lights (Andrew and I used to do this as kids!), played catch with the football (I said, "Good throw Keenan!" He said "It was a Perfect throw!")
Then into a very bubbly bubble bath for some more playtime and bundled into warm soft jammies and into bed...

Now I need to wrap some Christmas presents and get my Christmas cards ready to go in the mail tomorrow.

A few pictures:

Moriah last night on Daddy's shoulders

Keenan had an Oreo and managed to get a "moustache" Under his mouth!
How did that happen??

Our cute little Wolverines =)

Handsome boy

Moriah has FINALLY (at 11 1/2 months old) cut her first tooth! Woohoo! I'm soo excited! =0) I thought for sure she was going to turn one without a single tooth! Keenan had 12 by 12 months, but I guess she's going with "1 for 1 year" instead. =)

She also started walking with a push toy all by herself today! She walked all the way from the toy area, through the kitchen and down the hall! Maybe she's planning to start walking before her birthday too! =)


Flakymn said...

Keenan must be related to me. :) I always get chocolate everywhere! As for the walker, I give her two weeks TOPS before she is chasing Keenan. :)

Mom W. said...

Go Moriah, and great for cutting your first tooth!!!!